Gnosko Unveils Innovative Frost-Free Freezer Rack for Labs

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WAYNE, PA — Gnosko has launched ChillView, a new storage rack designed to streamline the retrieval of frozen items in laboratories. This innovative product aims to resolve a common issue faced by lab professionals: frost accumulation on stainless steel racks.

Traditional freezer racks often become frosted at ultra-low temperatures, making it difficult for staff to locate specimens and samples. ChillView addresses this problem with its clear, state-of-the-art polymer design, which resists frost build-up.

Gnosko founder and CEO Wills Wendel explained the origins of ChillView. “We were trying to improve RFID readability so we could offer our customers the option to tag and track their frozen inventory,” Wendel said. “Since radio frequencies don’t like metal, our team designed a rack using a polymer instead. And as it turns out, our polymer doesn’t collect frost the same way stainless does — which essentially opens up a trove of unforeseen benefits.”

These benefits include improved visibility for laboratory professionals. The clear polymer allows staff to see all boxes and items easily, leading to more efficient specimen retrieval. Additionally, the new material integrates seamlessly with RFID technology, enhancing inventory tracking.

The efficiency gains from ChillView extend beyond just visibility. Reduced frost means less energy consumption, as freezers do not need to work as hard to maintain low temperatures. This could translate to cost savings for laboratories.

In summary, Gnosko’s ChillView freezer rack is poised to make a significant impact on laboratory operations. By reducing the time spent searching for specimens and samples, lab professionals can focus more on their critical work. This innovation highlights Gnosko’s commitment to solving real-world problems with practical, elegant solutions.

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