Ecovyst Inc. Unveils Rebranding of Advanced Silicas Portfolio, Emphasizing Innovation and Sustainability


MALVERN, PA — Leading supplier, developer, and partner in catalysis and other advanced material applications, Ecovyst Inc., recently announced a significant rebranding of its Advanced Silicas product portfolio. The rebranding initiative underscores the company’s growing product range, technology leadership, and development capabilities, all geared towards meeting the constantly evolving needs of its customers.

Ecovyst has built a formidable reputation for technical product differentiation and a customer-centric approach over the years. As the company continues to serve its customers’ increasing needs for more sustainable solutions, it remains firmly committed to environmental stewardship.

The revamped Advanced Silicas product lines under the fresh branding include:

  • AlphaPol™: A leading series of polyethylene catalysts and supports with an expanded portfolio that incorporates novel AlphaPol™ catalysts, currently utilized for enhancing the lightweighting of polyethylene products.
  • AlphaCat®: Advanced customized catalysts and silica supports used in top sustainable processes, renewable applications, and bio-catalysis processes employing immobilized enzymes.
  • AlphaSelect®: A unique selection of functionalized silica-based adsorbents and ion exchange materials, currently under development and application in carbon capture and utilization, electrification, metals recovery, and water purification.
  • AlphaBloc™: A wide range of synthetic anti-blocking silicas suitable for all high clarity films.

“Through extensive research and innovation, we have continued to elevate the performance and sustainability of our Advanced Silicas portfolio, ensuring that it aligns with the evolving needs and regulatory requirements of our customers,” said Paul Robbins, Commercial VP & General Manager at Ecovyst. “The recent rebranding of our Advanced Silicas product portfolio underscores our ongoing commitment to technology leadership as we continue to innovate in close collaboration with our customers to deliver sustainable products and solutions.”

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