Annovis Bio Files Patent for New Crystal Form of Buntanetap

Annovis Bio

MALVERN, PAAnnovis Bio Inc. (NYSE: ANVS) has filed a new composition of matter patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent covers novel crystalline forms of their lead drug candidate, buntanetap, enhancing its potential to treat neurodegenerative conditions.

The patent filing builds on a provisional patent filed in June 2023. It focuses on the stability and solubility advantages offered by crystalline forms compared to less structured ones. The most stable crystal form, identified as CAS# 3032752-92-1, has been chosen as the new lead compound for further development. This form will undergo animal bridge studies, which have already been submitted to the FDA for review in July. The goal is to continue developing the drug and eventually file a New Drug Application (NDA).

Maria Maccecchini, Ph.D., Founder, President, and CEO of Annovis, emphasized the significance of this development. “The invention of a new solid form of our drug, buntanetap, and the subsequent patent filing represent groundbreaking milestones for our company. This achievement will allow us not only to continue advancing our pipeline, but also to enhance the drug’s properties, ultimately providing greater benefits to our patients,” she said.

A composition of matter patent is crucial for pharmaceutical companies. It offers protection for the new crystalline form of buntanetap and all its uses for a 20-year term. This type of patent is essential as it provides the necessary time to develop a drug and bring it to market.

Annovis Bio’s Breakthrough Patent: Paving the Way for Revolutionary Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment

The filing of this patent marks a critical step for Annovis Bio in the competitive field of neurodegenerative disease treatment. Crystalline forms of drugs are often preferred due to their improved solubility and stability. These characteristics can lead to better absorption in the body, enhancing the drug’s effectiveness.

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For Annovis, securing a composition of matter patent provides a strategic advantage. It ensures that the company has exclusive rights to the new form of buntanetap for two decades. This timeframe is crucial for conducting the extensive research and clinical trials needed to bring a new drug to market.

The selection of the most stable crystal form for further studies indicates a methodical approach to drug development. By focusing on the best possible version of buntanetap, Annovis aims to maximize the therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The upcoming discussion with the FDA about the animal bridge studies will be a pivotal moment. Positive feedback could accelerate the path to human clinical trials, bringing the company closer to offering a new treatment option for debilitating conditions.

This development is not just a technical achievement; it represents hope for patients and caregivers affected by neurodegenerative diseases. As the global population ages, the demand for effective treatments will only grow. Annovis Bio’s innovative approach and commitment to advancing their drug pipeline could position them as a key player in addressing these critical healthcare needs.

In conclusion, Annovis Bio’s patent filing for the new crystalline form of buntanetap is a significant milestone. It highlights the company’s innovative capabilities and strategic planning. With continued progress, Annovis Bio could make substantial contributions to the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, benefiting countless patients and the broader medical community.

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