Perrin Conferences Takes Lead on PFAS Litigation and Regulatory Developments

Perrin Conferences

WAYNE, PA — Perrin Conferences, a renowned provider of joint continuing legal education, will host its annual virtual conference, “PFAS Litigation and Regulatory Developments Conference,” on Thursday, February 15, 2024. This one-day event will serve as a platform for legal professionals and environmental thought leaders to share knowledge and insights on the evolving landscape of PFAS litigation.

The conference chairs for this year’s event are John Gardella, Esq., from CMBG3 Law in Boston, MA, and Ryan Gillespie, Manager of the Environmental Claim Unit at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company in Chicago, IL. They, along with a robust panel of experts, will address topics including current litigation status, federal regulatory developments in PFAS, consumer fraud related to PFAS, and unique claims in PFAS litigation.

“Attendees will gain valuable perspectives on the current state of PFAS litigation. We are thrilled to once again host this impactful conference,” said Lynnsey Perrin, President and CEO of Perrin Conferences.

Among the featured panelists are lawyers, environmental claims specialists, toxicologists, and water policy advisors who will bring diverse perspectives to the table. Their presentations will tackle a wide range of issues from both national and state-level viewpoints.

For the uninitiated, PFAS, or Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a group of man-made chemicals that have been in use since the 1940s. In recent years, these substances have come under scrutiny due to their potential impact on human health and the environment, leading to an increase in litigation and regulatory action.

The conference offers Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit and CE Adjuster Credit for qualified candidates, making it an excellent opportunity for professionals in the field to stay updated on the latest developments while earning necessary credits.

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This conference comes at a critical time, as PFAS litigation continues to evolve and expand. With recent developments in regulatory oversight and increasing public awareness of the potential hazards associated with PFAS, this conference provides a unique opportunity for legal professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

The information and insights shared during this conference could have far-reaching implications for how law firms, insurance companies, and other stakeholders approach PFAS-related issues. By fostering a deeper understanding of the current landscape of PFAS litigation, this conference can help industry insiders better navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of environmental law.

For more details on registration, contact Lynnsey Perrin at or visit the Perrin Conferences website at

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