Stream Companies Joins Forces with General Motors to Boost Dealership Sales Through Digital Marketing

Stream Companies, LLC

WEST CHESTER, PAStream Companies has been named an approved Digital Advertising and SEO Partner in the General Motors (GM) Dealer Digital Solution Program. This partnership marks a significant step for over 4,000 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac dealerships, offering them an opportunity to use GM IMR Turnkey Match funds to cover the costs of Stream’s digital advertising and SEO services.

This collaborative effort is set to revolutionize the way GM dealerships approach digital marketing by providing access to a suite of digital products and services designed to drive business growth. Stream Companies, renowned for its data-driven strategies and innovative advertising technology, aims to leverage this inclusion to offer GM retailers a comprehensive range of services, from creative solutions to first-party data analytics.

David Regn, CEO of Stream Companies, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to amplify GM dealerships’ success through advanced digital advertising tactics and strategic use of GM IMR Turnkey Match funds. Highlighting Stream’s commitment to delivering hands-on, consultative strategies, Regn anticipates this collaboration will enable dealers to excel in a competitive market.

Rich Harrisson, Senior Executive VP of Agency Growth at Stream Companies, also voiced his excitement about integrating into the General Motors Dealer Digital Program. With a deep understanding of the GM dealership landscape, Harrisson aims to guide dealers through the digital transformation, optimizing car sales through tailored marketing strategies. He underscored the program’s ability to significantly enhance dealerships’ profitability and sales outcomes.

The partnership between Stream Companies and General Motors represents a forward-thinking approach to dealership marketing, promising significant opportunities for growth and innovation. By capitalizing on Stream’s expertise and the comprehensive support of the GM Dealer Digital Solution Program, GM dealerships are well-positioned to thrive in the evolving digital marketplace.

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