CDS Analytical Licenses Innovative Proteomics Technology from University of Delaware

CDS Analytical

OXFORD, PA — CDS Analytical LLC has secured an exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Delaware to commercialize the innovative E3technology for proteomics sample preparation. Developed by UD researcher Dr. Yanbao Yu, this technology simplifies and standardizes proteomics analysis across a wide range of biological samples.

E3technology builds on the Empore™ membrane technology, making it robust, reliable, and user-friendly. The technology will expand CDS Analytical’s current Empore product line with new offerings such as E3tip, E3filter, E3cartridge, and E3plate. These products aim to provide comprehensive coverage of proteome sample preparation.

Dr. Yu, Director of Proteomics at UD, highlighted the advantages of E3technology. “In our recent study, E3technology showed superior performance in the context of proteome-wide analysis of various sample types,” he said. The enhanced single-vessel approach bypasses cell lysis, streamlining intact cell proteome analysis and increasing sensitivity. “It can be quite a game-changer for low-cell or single-cell proteomics,” Yu added.

“We are very excited to exclusively license the commercial rights to this innovative technology to CDS Analytical and make it commercially available to the broad proteomic community,” Yu stated.

Guotao Lu, Empore Division Manager at CDS Analytical, expressed enthusiasm about the agreement. “We are glad to have this opportunity to commercialize this revolutionary technology from the University of Delaware for protein digestion and related steps to solve the bottleneck of proteomics sample preparation,” he said. Combining E3technology with CDS Analytical’s StageTips technology and the MiniLab 5000 liquid handler, the company aims to build a one-stop solution for proteomics sample preparation from cells to LC-MS. “Our goal is to help improve efficiency and save costs for proteomics fields, enabling scientists to explore and understand biological systems more effectively,” Lu added.

This partnership between CDS Analytical and the University of Delaware promises to accelerate scientific breakthroughs in human biology, addressing unmet medical needs and advancing the field of proteomics.

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