AscellaHealth Forecasts Key Trends in Specialty Pharmacy for 2024

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BERWYN, PA — AscellaHealth, a leading specialty pharmacy services provider, recently published its forecast of key trends that will shape the specialty pharmacy industry in 2024. The company’s insights point to a future marked by groundbreaking therapies, value-based contracts, patient-centric care, and innovative cost-containment strategies.

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) for rare diseases are poised to make significant strides. With the FDA’s approval of over 20 CGTs and a robust pipeline of new products, AscellaHealth expects a surge in clinical trials, particularly in oncology and rare diseases. The introduction of CRISPR-based treatments represents a major milestone, promising targeted solutions for previously untreatable conditions.

The shift towards value-based and outcome-based contracts is another trend highlighted by AscellaHealth. The company’s first-to-market financial solutions and copay assistance programs are designed to enhance patient access to innovative treatments and alleviate associated financial burdens. These programs offer relief not only to patients but also to payers, ensuring access to potentially curative CGTs without undermining financial sustainability.

In response to the growing demand for patient-centric care, AscellaHealth has developed a unique approach that places patients at the center of care. The company offers personalized, coordinated support, improved access to specialty pharmaceutical medications, streamlined information exchange, and continuity of care for optimal health outcomes.

AscellaHealth also addresses the critical issue of managing costs associated with specialty drug spend. With its extensive background in specialty pharmacy and rare disease expertise, the company is pioneering cost-containment strategies that control specialty drug spend without compromising patient care quality.

A strategic shift toward administering drugs in physician offices and patients’ homes is expected to reduce costs. AscellaHealth, alongside its nationwide specialty pharmacy and patient management organization, Optime Care, provides high-touch capabilities and expert care coordination to ensure seamless patient experiences and improved health outcomes.

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The company also anticipates a continued surge in the adoption of biosimilars, innovative alternatives that hold immense potential to manage rising drug costs effectively. This trend aligns with AscellaHealth’s commitment to providing sustainable and accessible solutions in the evolving landscape of specialty pharmacy.

These forecasts point towards a dynamic future for the specialty pharmacy industry.

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