Arrival of CH-46 Helicopters at Coatesville Piasecki Facility Signals Job Growth and Economic Boost

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COATESVILLE, PA — The arrival of four CH-46 helicopters at the Coatesville Piasecki Aircraft facility marks the beginning of a new chapter in the site’s storied history. Announced on Tuesday by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA-6), this development introduces an entirely new line of work: helicopter remanufacturing. This move could create up to 200 new jobs over time, providing a significant economic boost to the region.

A New Era in Helicopter Remanufacturing

Piasecki’s helicopter remanufacturing program will breathe new life into civilian Model 107-II and excess military CH-46 helicopters, transforming them into Model 107-III helicopters for commercial customers and allied nations. This initiative positions Coatesville as a crucial hub for aircraft maintenance and modernization, ensuring that the facility remains vital to both American and international interests.

Economic and Community Impact

The job creation potential is substantial. Positions will range from engineering and manufacturing to flight testing, maintenance, and support roles. These jobs will not only benefit local workers but also solidify Coatesville’s reputation as a leader in aviation manufacturing.

Senator Bob Casey highlighted the historical significance of the facility and its workforce. “For generations, Pennsylvanians have served their country and supported their families by manufacturing military helicopters at this Coatesville facility. I fought to support Piasecki’s helicopter remanufacturing because nobody is more up to the task of maintaining our nation’s military aircraft than the workers here in Southeastern Pennsylvania,” he said. Casey stressed that this move represents a new chapter for Coatesville, one he intends to support vigilantly.

Representative Chrissy Houlahan echoed these sentiments. “Piasecki, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing and robust tech workforce, is a driving force of revitalization in Coatesville. Now, with the announcement of the production of CH-46 helicopters and additional jobs being created, our region will continue to lead the way in domestic aviation manufacturing. I look forward to seeing Piasecki grow and will continue to do everything I can to support that,” she stated.

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Strategic Advocacy and Future Prospects

The arrival of these CH-46 helicopters did not happen overnight. Senator Casey played a critical role by advocating for the Department of the Navy to pause its divestment strategy. Instead, he proposed resetting and selling these helicopters to allied and partner nations, thus providing a continuous stream of work for the Coatesville facility.

This strategy aligns with broader efforts to maintain and grow the industrial base in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The remanufacturing program ensures that Coatesville will not only sustain current employment levels but also expand its workforce, offering long-term stability and growth.

Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

The Coatesville Piasecki plant has a long history of producing world-class aircraft essential to both commercial and military operations worldwide. This new initiative builds on that legacy, adapting to contemporary needs while preserving the core values of quality and innovation.

With the induction of the CH-46 helicopters and the launch of the remanufacturing program, the facility is set to remain a cornerstone of the community, supporting local families and contributing to the regional economy. This move highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and proactive advocacy in sustaining and growing vital industries.

As the program develops, Coatesville looks forward to a future where its contributions to aviation continue to soar, bolstered by a dedicated workforce and unwavering community support.

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