McCormick Calls Out Biden’s Border Policy: A Plea for Restoration and Safety

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Dave McCormick, the U.S. Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, aggressively calls attention to the waves of migrants illegally crossing America’s southern border. In an informative op-ed titled “The President Must Fix the Border Problem“, McCormick outlines a severe critique of President Biden’s immigration policy. He highlights an array of issues from humanitarian concerns to national security threats.

In the 2019 Democratic primary debate, Biden expressed support for decriminalizing undocumented border crossings. McCormick sees this as a foreshadowing of a disastrous approach to immigration. Since then, America has reportedly experienced a rise in illegal crossings, which McCormick attributes to what he perceives as Biden’s failed leadership.

The ramifications of this policy, according to McCormick, are multidimensional. Mexican drug cartels reportedly exploit the influx of migrants, leading to alarming human trafficking incidents and an influx of deadly drugs like fentanyl into the U.S. Borders are not merely breached by Central and South American citizens, but also by individuals from Africa and Asia, including those on the terrorist watch list.

Chester County, Pennsylvania, isn’t immune to the repercussions. McCormick indicates a rise in drug-related deaths in 2022 and cites the strain on resources in cities like Philadelphia due to the care and servicing of undocumented immigrants. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is among the Democrats who McCormick believes are accountable for this crisis, as they have supported Biden’s asylum policies.

McCormick revisits Biden’s first day in office when he stopped the construction of the border wall, reintroduced the controversial catch-and-release policy, and ended ‘Remain in Mexico’. He believes that these actions, along with ignoring the escalating border situation, highlight Biden’s poor handling.

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McCormick suggests that Biden returning to Trump’s effective border initiatives could stem the tide of illegal immigration. This means Biden could enforce the law through Customs and Border Protection, complete the border wall’s construction, shut down the smartphone asylum app, halt ‘catch and release’ and reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’. While some see the recently announced border deal as a step forward, McCormick is skeptical, seeing it instead as a potential enabler for more illegal immigration.

However, there’s no denying that immigration policy is a deeply complex issue, with competing priorities and perspectives. And with Biden’s administration indicating its readiness to shift gear on its immigration stance, there seems to be room for potential policy adjustments.

While McCormick appeals for the President to exhibit more decisive leadership, it’s essential to note the diverse views on this issue. Some argue for a more human-rights-centered approach, emphasizing the need for comprehensive immigration reform over stricter border control.

The intricacies of immigration policy and the broader implications it has for Chester County will be something to watch closely. As we navigate these complex dialogues, remember that hearing from all sides, staying informed, and maintaining healthy skepticism will always set you on the path toward understanding the truth.

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