Aqua Pennsylvania Takes the Reins on Water Security with Major Infrastructure Upgrade in Chester County

Aqua PennsylvaniaCredit: Aqua Pennsylvania

CHESTER COUNTY, PA — Aqua Pennsylvania is undertaking a substantial infrastructure upgrade project in Tredyffrin and East Goshen townships. The company is replacing approximately 7,000 feet of aging water mains, marking a critical step in its ongoing commitment to service improvement.

The project involves upgrading cast iron water mains with new ductile iron water mains, which are not only more durable but also environmentally responsible, composed of nearly 90% recycled metal materials. This replacement work forms part of Aqua’s broader national initiative to replace outdated water and wastewater infrastructure, some of which dates back decades.

The implications of this project for Chester County residents are manifold. Firstly, the new water mains will mitigate the risk of main breaks and discolored water, two common issues associated with aging infrastructure. Secondly, they will enhance water flow for customers, ensuring a steady and reliable supply.

In East Goshen Township, crews are replacing 4,900 feet of 6-inch water main on Reservoir Road between East Strasburg Road and Baldwin Drive, and on Cooper Circle between Reservoir Road and Reservoir Road. Meanwhile, in Tredyffrin Township, 2,100 feet of 8-inch water main is being replaced on Joseph Drive between Thomas Jefferson and Weedon roads, and on Weedon Road between Thomas Jefferson and Gulph roads.

The significance of this infrastructure upgrade cannot be overstated. Safe, reliable access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right, and the integrity of water infrastructure plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing this access. Aging water mains pose a threat to water quality and availability, making their replacement a matter of urgency.

Moreover, there are broader environmental and economic implications to consider. Durable, efficient water infrastructure reduces waste, conserves water resources, and can even contribute to job creation during the construction and maintenance phases.

Aqua Pennsylvania‘s replacement of 7,000 feet of aging water mains in Tredyffrin and East Goshen townships represents a significant investment in the future of Chester County’s water security. As this project unfolds, residents can look forward to improved service reliability and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their water supply is secure.

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