2019 Election Results: Have Democrats Solidified Control of Chester County?

2019 Election Results: Have Democrats Solidified Control of Chester County?

WEST CHESTER, PA — Many political pundits identify suburban Philadelphia counties as some of the most important voting segments in the United States. Consequently,  having been the last Republican stronghold, Chester County elections are an important indicator of national politics and voting trends.

In the 2018 Midterm Election, Democrats made historic inroads in turning Chester County blue, flipping longheld Republican seats in the state legislature. While Chester County Democrats have worked long and hard, it still remains to be seen whether or not these victories are sustainable or simply a passionate, yet anomalous, reaction to the Trump Administration.

The Chester County Commissioners race had incumbent Republicans, Terence Farrell and Michelle Kichline, faceoff against Democratic challengers Josh Maxwell, Mayor of Downingtown, and Marian Moskowitz, a local developer. Yet, with three County Commissioner seats up, at least one Republican or Democrat was guaranteed to win.

One of the biggest issue working for Democrats is the Mariner East pipelines. There are voters who saw the incumbent group of Commissioners as willing to sellout local residents in favor of big business. The opinion of many is that only after a massive negative reaction, coupled with an election year, did Commissioners take a stand against Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco.

Regardless, since Pennsylvania was crucial to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, the outcome of Chester County’s 2019 election could be a bellwether for the 2020 Presidential Election.

How Did Chester County Vote in 2019?

In the 2019 Election, Chester County had a turnout of 39.99 percent of eligible voters, compared to just 31.78 percent in the 2017 Off-year General Election. Regardless, the passion was clearly on the Democratic side, fully coloring Chester County as a blue county. With the exception of several municipal level races, Chester County voted Democrat up and down the ballot. The Democrats have clearly solidified control of Chester County.

With 100 percent of precincts counted, below you will find Chester County’s unofficial election results.

2019 Chester County Pennsylvania Election Results
Countywide Results
Straight Party Vote
Percentage Total
Democratic 53.00% 40,936
Republican 46.00% 35,370
Independent 0.00% 18
Libertarian 0.00% 4
Judge of the Superior Court (vote for two)
Percentage Total
Dem Amanda Green-Hawkins 27.00% 71,845
Dem Daniel D McCaffery 26.00% 70,452
Rep Megan McCarthy King 23.00% 63,437
Rep Christylee Peck 22.00% 58,621
Write-n 0.00% 61
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (vote for two)
Percentage Total
Dem Analisa Sondergaard 28.00% 74,441
Dem Bret Binder 25.00% 68,907
Rep Andrea Cardamone 23.00% 63,617
Rep Charles A Gaza 22.00% 58,735
Write-in 0.00% 77
County Commissioner (vote for two)
Percentage Total
Dem Josh Maxwell 25.00% 68,914
Dem Marian Moskowitz 26.00% 70,842
Rep Terence Farrell 23.00% 62,287
Rep Michelle Kichline 23.00% 63,779
Write-in 0.00% 299
District Attorney (vote for one)
Percentage Total
Dem Deb Ryan 54.00% 76,251
Rep Michael Noone 45.00% 62,958
Write-in 0.00% 51
Sheriff (vote for one)
Percentage Total
Dem Fredda Maddox 52.00% 73,072
Rep Jim Fitzgerald 47.00% 65,837
Write-in 0.00% 83
Prothonotary (vote for one)
Percentage Total
Dem Debbie Bookman 52.00% 72,282
Rep Matt Holliday 47.00% 65,256
Write-in 0.00% 58
Register of Wills (vote for one)
Percentage Total
Dem Michele Vaughn 53.00% 74,171
Rep Terri Clark 46.00% 64,175
Write-in 0.00% 150
Recorder of Deeds (vote for one)
Percentage Total
Dem Chris Pielli 53.00% 73,517
Rep Amber Little-Turner 46.00% 64,799
Write-in 0.00% 58

For the full Chester County 2019 election results, including municipal and school district races, visit Chester County Voter Services. Statewide results can be found at electionreturns.pa.gov.

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