The Washington Memorial Heritage’s Leadership Series Draws From The Past To Inspire The Future

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VALLEY FORGE, PA — The Washington Memorial Heritage and David Cross and Indispensable Leadership (LLC) are teaming up, once again, for their popular Leadership Series at the Washington Memorial Chapel (Rt. 23 Valley Forge Park, Valley Forge, PA) on Thursday, May 12 at 6 PM.

During this month’s discussion, “Washington’s Contemporaries,” David Cross will explore the relationship between George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, while diving into the personal and career lessons Franklin has left us. He will reflect upon Franklin’s role as the first American to gain worldwide attention as a brilliant writer, businessman, politician, and scientist as well as the first to write what, we refer to today, as a “self-help” book. Franklin’s autobiography was written not to leave behind the stories of a great man so much as to show the entrepreneurial pathway by which others could also rise from poverty to reach the highest level of financial success and intellectual and moral strength.

A series that will educate, inspire, and empower, “Washington’s Contemporaries” is perfect for entrepreneurs, business professionals and those looking to enhance their lives and their careers.

The Washington Memorial Heritage Leadership Forum Series is a History/Leadership and Author Events Program that kicked off earlier this year at the Washington Memorial Chapel. Drawing upon America’s Revolutionary history, the program examines the challenges and decisions faced by the country’s Founders. Analyzing their experiences, the program provides lessons that help attendees in their business and personal life.

The price will be $20 per person per session; students with proof of student status will be admitted free.

Register to attend at or

Washington Memorial Chapel is located at Rt. 23 Valley Forge Park, Valley Forge, PA.

To learn more about the Washington Memorial Chapel, visit learn about the restoration campaign.

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