5 Types of Diamonds and How to Choose the Right One

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Diamonds are praised in popular culture for their romantic symbolism, alluring beauty and exceptional durability. As a result, they are highly coveted by purists and romantics alike. However, what many don’t realize is that there are numerous alternatives to mined diamonds that offer similar qualities.

If you’re searching for a diamond alternative, consider these five gemstones that may suit your needs just as well:

1) Mined diamonds:

For engagement and wedding rings, and even heirloom fashion jewelry, the traditional and most popular choice has always been a diamond- a precious gem mined from the deep inside of the Earth over millions of years. Each diamond is as unique as a snowflake, with its own characteristics and story that make it one-of-a-kind.

But diamonds are more than just a beautiful stone, they are intrinsically valuable beyond measure and hold huge sentimental significance for the wearer. Passed down through generations, they become cherished family heirlooms.

The classic diamond design, cuts, and settings available are countless and can complement any outfit and deliver an unmatched elegance. From unique diamond cuts such as princess or cushion-shaped, to timeless solitaire settings, there is a perfect diamond and design for everyone.

2) Lab-grown diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds are a fascinating new trend in the diamond industry. They are quickly gaining popularity as stunning alternatives to mined diamonds. These gems are created in a laboratory and offer a revolutionary approach to diamond production. They possess virtually identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to those of mined diamonds, making them virtually indistinguishable.

Lab-grown diamonds are produced through a complex, highly technical process that involves mimicking the process of a diamond’s formation within a laboratory. The process involves simulating the high-pressure and high-temperature conditions that occur naturally beneath the earth’s surface.

Once the diamond has been grown, it is cut, faceted, and polished in the same fashion as mined diamonds. These gems offer innovative, affordable elegance without sacrificing quality or authenticity, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable, conflict-free alternative to mined diamonds.

3) Moissanite:

Discovered in 1893 within a meteorite crater in Arizona, natural moissanite is a rare gemstone that is one of the Earth’s hardest minerals, second only to diamonds. This remarkable gem is comprised of carbon and silicon, which lends to its exceptional resistance to chipping and scratching. While moissanite is rarely found in nature for jewelry purposes, technological advancements have enabled the production of lab-grown moissanites. The availability of these gems has allowed for increased accessibility and affordability of a superior, yet affordable option.

A distinguishing feature of moissanite is its enhanced fire and a higher dispersion value than diamonds. This effect refers to the ability of the gemstone to return light in a rainbow of colors, making it particularly breathtaking and captivating. Expert cutters facet the crystals with precision to maximize brilliance and intensify their sparkle. Moissanite is also available to suit a variety of styles and budgets, as it can vary in price based on factors such as color and size. Whether for everyday wear or dressy occasions, moissanite is a sophisticated and versatile choice for jewelry.

4) Strontium titanate:

Strontium Titanate, a man-made diamond simulant, boasts a dispersion value significantly higher than that of traditional diamonds. Visually similar to diamonds, it’s actually made up of an oxide of strontium and titanium instead of carbon, which gives it its unique dispersion property.

When worn, this exceptional jewel offers a stunning display of kaleidoscopic colors thanks to its impressive dispersion of light. This, combined with its undeniable sparkle, makes the wearer stand out in any crowd and creates a show-stopping effect.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Strontium Titanate is an ethical choice for those who prefer to avoid diamonds due to ethical or environmental concerns. It’s a beautiful and responsible choice for those in search of something truly special.

5) Cubic zirconia:

Cubic zirconia, while being one of the most widely known diamond simulants, also offers an affordable way to add some serious bling to your everyday wardrobe. By opting for a reputable brand like Bella Luce, you ensure top-notch quality and craftsmanship that lasts for years to come.

Due to the versatility and affordability of this beautiful gemstone, cubic zirconia jewelry empowers you to get creative and playful with your personal style. With limitless options, you can mix and match to find the perfect look. Whether you are looking for understated luxury to compliment your office wardrobe, or bold and vibrant styles to show off your playful side, cubic zirconia jewelry has got you covered!

Final Thoughts on Diamonds

Choosing the right diamond for you and your situation can be a challenge. There is no “one size fits all” answer to which type of diamond is best for you – it really depends on your budget, needs, style, and preferences. If you’re looking for authentic mined diamonds with certificates to prove their quality, then you’re in luck! But if mined diamonds are out of reach or the environment is important to you, then lab-grown diamonds are a great option. Moissanite is a beautiful and affordable alternative but not nearly as difficult to identify as strontium titanate or cubic zirconia, making it easier to compare directly with mined and lab-grown options. Ultimately, selecting the right diamond will take some research, comparison shopping, and knowledge of your own wants and needs. Only then will you be able to pick the unique diamond that fits your individual criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of diamonds are there?

Within the sparkling world of diamonds, it’s not just about their size or gleaming clarity. There are actually many different types of diamonds, each boasting their own unique characteristics. From the generally familiar white diamonds to the mysterious yellow diamonds, and further beyond the rainbow spectrum, the variances range so widely that it’s hard not to get lost in their beauty. Some diamonds have natural inclusions, while others have been painstakingly treated to achieve their specific hue. Whether you’re a gemstone aficionado or simply curious, learning about the multitude of diamond types is a fascinating journey.

What is the most popular diamond shape?

Diamonds are some of the most valued possessions for many individuals worldwide, with their breathtaking beauty and lasting durability. As much as diamonds share a common characteristic of being shiny and glittery, they come in several shapes, which affects their appearance and desirability. Among the different shapes available, the most popular shape is the round cut diamond, accounting for over 75% of all diamond purchases. The round cut diamond has a timeless elegance and mesmerizing sparkle that makes it an enduring classic among diamond buyers and jewelry enthusiasts. Its popularity can be attributed to its ability to reflect light the best, allowing it to showcase the diamond’s brilliance to perfection. Overall, the round cut diamond remains a top choice for anyone looking for a diamond with beauty that lasts a lifetime.

What is the best type of diamond?

When it comes to diamond shopping, there is nothing quite like the excitement of finding the perfect stone. Diamonds are not only a symbol of love and commitment, but they are also a timeless investment. But what is the best type of diamond to choose from? Although there are many factors to consider, the most important one is the quality of the diamond. The most desirable diamonds are those with a high clarity grade, color grade, and cut grade. These grades will determine the overall appearance, sparkle, and brilliance of the diamond. No matter what type of diamond you choose, make sure to consider its quality above all else.

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