Avon Grove School District’s Tax Relief Program Earns National Recognition for Fostering Community Spirit

AGSD senior volunteersAvon Grove residents Malcolm Adler and Sharon McCormick volunteer in the Penn London Elementary School library. /Submitted Image

WEST GROVE, PA — The Avon Grove School District has earned a spot in the national limelight, courtesy of its innovative Senior Volunteer Tax Relief Program. The initiative was featured prominently in the November edition of the AARP Bulletin for offering senior citizens a unique opportunity to receive a tax rebate in exchange for volunteer service.

Residents of Avon Grove aged 60 or above, who pay property taxes, can volunteer in the district to earn a property tax rebate. By completing 50 hours of service within the school year, participants can receive up to $650 annually, a win-win scenario for the community and its senior citizens.

The AARP article, “Work off tax levies“, highlighted the program’s positive impact nationwide. Dr. M. Christopher Marchese, Superintendent of Schools, shared insights on the program’s success in fostering community connections. He highlighted how the initiative allows seniors to learn about the district while building valuable relationships with staff and families.

Participants have the flexibility to volunteer across any of the four Avon Grove schools, often assisting with special events during evenings and weekends. The roles vary from clerical duties to event decoration, allowing volunteers to choose tasks that align with their interests and schedules.

For many, like retired teacher Sharon McCormick, the Penn London Elementary School library is a favored volunteering spot. McCormick enjoys being around children and witnessing their love for reading. As her grandchildren are enrolled in the district, volunteering also offers her a chance to stay connected with their educational journey.

The program has seen significant growth, currently boasting over 100 volunteers. Bonnie Wolff, School Board President, expressed pride in the district’s commitment to such initiatives. She believes that the program not only benefits the seniors but also opens lines of communication between them and the students and staff, fostering a stronger community spirit.

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