Santa Claus Announces 2018 Christmas Eve Flight Schedule

NORTH POLE — While data analysis continues for the official Naughty or Nice Lists, Santa Claus today released his 2018 Christmas Eve flight schedule.

Santa, and his authorized representatives, will begin the 2018 Christmas tour with a visit to the Republic of Kiribati, a country in the central Pacific Ocean, at approximately 6:30 am  (EST) on December 24. While this may seem early, it will be 11:30 pm in Kiribati and local children should all be in bed.

Afterward, Santa’s flight path will have him zigzagging across the globe. He will next visit New Zealand and Australia. Afterward, he will rush up to Japan, over to Asia, and onward. Eventually, Santa finishes his deliveries with a visit to the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands of Palmyra and Midway Atoll shortly after 5 am (EST) on December 25th, the local time will be 11 pm on Chrismas Eve.

When Will Santa Visit Chester County?

Santa Claus is expected to reach U.S. airspace at roughly 11 pm (EST) on December 24th. His first stop in the United States is Florida, followed by Georgia, and continuing up the East Coast. Barring any unforeseen flight problems or weather issues, Chester County homes can expect to receive a  visit from Santa Clause at or around 11:30 pm, Christmas Eve.

“So that Santa does not pass your home, children should be in bed and asleep long before Santa’s expected arrival time,” advises Mistletoe Greenspice, a Sr. Naughty or Nice Analyst Elf. “Santa’s schedule is very tight this year. We cannot guarantee that he will be able to backtrack if a house is not ready for his arrival.”

How to Get on Santa’s Nice List?

Every little girl and boy wants to make it on Santa’s Nice List. North Pole officials were happy to provide the following tips:

  • Be nice to your parents – Essential goodness will include cleaning your room, eating all your food, playing nicely with siblings, and going to bed on time.
  • Be nice at school – Make sure to listen to your teacher, have your homework completed, be eager to learn, and make good choices while at school.
  • Be brave – Sometimes things are scary, like going to the doctor or sleeping in your own bed. Santa gives bonus points when you are brave.
  • Choose kindness – It is very important to be kind to others. Easy ways to do this is just saying “Hi” and smiling at as many people as possible or becoming a friend to someone new at school.

As in years past, the Elf Scouts will visit children’s homes from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Also known as the Elf on the Shelf, these elves are an essential part of Santa’s team and will hide in homes to watch over events. Once everyone is asleep, the Elf Scout teleports back to the North Pole to update Santa on daily activities, the good and the bad. Before the family wakes in the morning, the assigned Elf Scout returns and hides in a new spot somewhere in the house, playing a game of hide-and-seek. If a family has never seen their assigned Elf Scout, it just means he or she is really good at hiding.

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