New Regional Trail Maps Available

KENNETT SQUARE, PA — Calling all trail enthusiasts! The Kennett Area Regional Trails Committee recently partnered with the Chester County Planning Commission and Square Roots Collective to put together new, interactive trail maps of our regional area. Find your next adventure by viewing these maps online on the Kennett Greenway website here (under Regional Collaboration).

“For the first time, these interactive maps enable local residents and visitors to see existing trail networks, report problems, and view the status of regional priority projects,” said Richard Leff, Chairman of the Kennett Township Board of Supervisors.

The maps focus on trails and sidewalks in Kennett Township, New Garden, Kennett Borough, and East Marlborough, though additional trails are featured beyond these areas.

Regional Trail Maps

“This is a great example of how municipalities can collaborate to provide a helpful resource to the community and our visitors,” said Kennett Borough Council President Brenda Mercomes.

The “Find a Trail” map shows existing trails and sidewalks and their trailheads. The map also provides basic information about each trail. It also features the location of local parks and preserves, the existing and proposed Kennett Greenway, and the Mason Dixon Trail. Using the “report trail condition,” you can flag trail conditions that require maintenance. Users can also search for a specific trail by its name, location or municipality.

“Bike Kennett receives frequent requests from community members on the location of trails in our area,” said Josie Marsh, Chairperson and Founder of Bike Kennett. “We’re excited to see this new resource come online for our community.”

The “Regional Priority Projects” map shows regional priority projects identified by the Regional Trails Committee and acknowledged by the governing body of each participating municipality. Visitors to the website can click on the priority projects to find out more about a project’s status. Users can also zoom to a specific municipality to see that municipality’s priority projects and other existing and proposed trails. The Chester County Planning Commission will be updating this map quarterly to reflect progress.

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“The Chester County Planning Commission was pleased to assist the Regional Trails Committee with the creation of the interactive trail map,” said Rachael Griffith, Trails and Open Space Planner for the Chester County Planning Commission. “This project, and the group’s regional collaboration, helps to implement the Connect goal of the county’s Comprehensive Plan, Landscapes3, by supporting the creation of a countywide, interconnected trail network.”

“Friends of New Garden Trails has been working on connecting our communities together for a long time,” says Chris Robinson from Friends of New Garden Trails, “This allows people to see the status of projects and where we can concentrate our advocacy for grant funding.”

Kennett Township, Kennett Borough, East Marlborough Township and New Garden Township — together with Bike Kennett, Friends of New Garden Trails, Kennett Trails Alliance and Chester County Planning Commission —formed the Kennett Area Regional Trails Committee in order to create a well-connected and consistent trail network.

The goal of the committee is to coordinate the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of trails and sidewalks across local municipalities. “The Committee is responsible for developing and making recommendations to local municipal governments and committees who are responsible for trails and sidewalks.” explained Ramsey Reiner, New Garden Township Manager. “Recommendations involve answers to questions such as ‘how do we connect our greater community?’ and ‘how do we prioritize projects for the good of our region?’”

Robert B. McKinstry, Jr., Esq., Chairman of the East Marlborough Township Board of Supervisors, agreed. “This mapping project is one of the many positive outcomes of our collaboration on the committee. In addition to increased communication and coordination, the local municipalities are also partnering on grants in our area for increased trail development and planning that will help realize some of the trail-related recommendations from East Marlborough Township’s recently adopted Open Space, Recreation and Environmental Resources Plan.”

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Kennett Square-based Square Roots Collective provided funding for the project, with in-kind support from the Chester County Planning Commission. “We believe in the importance of a well-connected regional trail network,” said Christina Norland, Executive Director of Square Roots Collective’s Kennett Trails Alliance. “It is critical to the effective stewardship of our open space, our recreational development, and the health, safety and welfare of our residents and visitors. These maps help provide all people with access to the amazing natural and local resources in our area.”

For more information, contact Christina Norland, Kennett Trails Alliance,

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