Gearing Up for Golf Season

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By Joe McNichol, PXG Philadelphia

Golf season is officially underway as the warm weather picks up and more golfers return to the links. As you get back into the swing of things, here are five tips to help you tee off like a pro this season.

Assess Your Equipment

A golfer is only as good as their clubs. It’s critical to evaluate the condition of your equipment and make any adjustments or upgrades. Even the smallest of tweaks can change your play, including a club’s shaft, grip and clubhead technology. Maybe your level of play has changed, and you now need equipment that matches your skills. Perhaps you’ve decided to commit to the sport and want to invest in your first quality set of clubs. Even using old or waterlogged golf balls can impact your performance on the course. At PXG Philadelphia, our expert fitting team is trained to help players of all skill levels find the equipment that best suits them. They can help advise what clubs might be best based on your swing and playing style. Club fitters can also make slight adjustments to different clubs to help improve a player’s specific concerns and goals.

Set Season Goals

For players looking to improve on the course this year, it can be helpful to set season goals and resolutions. Whether it’s lowering your handicap, participating in a tournament or even just spending more time enjoying the game, having specific goals at the beginning of the season can help you stay motivated. Identify your goals and think through what you can do both on and off the course to help work toward them. Setting small milestones throughout the season can be helpful as you track your progress.

Practice, Practice, Practice

While those first few rounds may be rusty, spending more time at the driving range, the putting green or the course is what will ultimately help you return to normal gameplay. Focus on developing a consistent swing and honing your skills in challenging situations like uneven lies or hazards. Taking a lesson from a qualified instructor can also be beneficial for any player, from beginner to pro. Even playing with friends that challenge you on the course can help improve your game.

Prepare for All Conditions

Golf season in Pennsylvania can bring all different weather conditions, from unexpected rain showers to boiling hot afternoons. It’s important to have the proper clothing to ensure you’re staying comfortable on the course. Your attire shouldn’t limit your range of motion and should be functional. PXG’s apparel collection uses fabrics featuring technical advances in moisture-wicking, quick dry functions and UV protection. From traditional polos and shirts to packable base layers and outerwear, they offer pieces for all kinds of weather. In addition to investing in proper attire, consider keeping some essential items like sunscreen, water, snacks and rain gear on hand in case of unexpected conditions.

Have Fun!

At the end of the day, golf is meant to be fun. While your first few swings may feel a little rusty, try not to get too discouraged. Remember why you decided to start the sport in the first place, go out there and get swinging!

Joe McNichol is the store manager at PXG Philadelphia. PXG has a retail location in King of Prussia, partners with local country clubs, and hosts mobile fittings around Chester County.

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