New Flight School at The Brandywine Airport Takes a Bold New Approach to Training

WEST CHESTER, PA — Brandywine Aviation opened its doors to prospective pilots earlier this month with a promise to bring a bold new method of flight training to the Brandywine Regional Airport: become a pilot in four weeks.

Become a Pilot in Four Weeks

It may sound like a pipe dream, but there are plenty of practical advantages to getting a pilot’s license: you can set your own travel schedule, avoid the hassles of commercial travel, and get to your destination in a fraction of the time it would take to drive (less than 30 minutes from the Philly suburbs to the Jersey shore: you can’t beat that!). Plus, no baggage fees. But for most of us layman, there are too many barriers: namely cost, time, and tired, rickety airplanes.

Brandywine Aviation is looking to change that.

Brand New Airplanes, the Latest Cockpit Technology

Their fleet of Cirrus and Sling Aircraft are all equipped with advanced cockpit technology – a cornerstone of the Brandywine Aviation brand. The Sling is a 2-seat trainer offering great bang for the buck – it’s comfortable and versatile with good handling and maneuverability – all-in-all, a solid training aircraft. The Cirrus is a 5-seat mission-capable airplane with industry-leading performance, style, and safety – the luxury option, if you will.

Either can be used for pilot training, but Flight School Director Connor Henebry says, “it’s a bit like comparing a Toyota sedan to a Lexus SUV.” It makes sense to offer both platforms. And the cost of a private pilot certificate – a certificate that let’s you carry passengers and baggage while acting as Pilot-in-Command of an airplane – is very much in line with that car comparison. For the folks looking to keep things economical, the Sling aircraft is the best deal in town in terms of training cost and value – $16.5K all-in or $345 per month. “But the Cirrus is the best selling aircraft in its class for a reason. And we keep it more affordable by encouraging accelerated flight training, an immersive approach to learning much like you’d see with other high stakes training – that of physicians, fighter pilots, Navy SEALs, etc. – because it’s so incredibly effective and efficient.”

Students of Brandywine Aviation flying their state-of-the-art Cirrus Aircraft should expect to dedicate themselves to flight training from 9am-5pm for six days per week with those four weeks of training spread over two-and-a-half months. All-in training costs come to just under $40K. Not a bad rate for private pilot training in a half-million-dollar aircraft.

Of course, safety is paramount in any aviation endeavor. A maintenance department with decades of experience and a fleet of new, parachute-equipped aircraft help quell the concerns of even the most nervous flyer.

Making an Impact

Brandywine Aviation is also looking to make an impact on its local community. A large maintenance operation will bring new jobs, new customers, and economic benefit to Brandywine Regional Airport. Public events, plane rides, notable aviation speakers, and low-cost introductory flight classes are all on the docket with the goal of pointing the eyes of Chester County skywards.

More Information

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