Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Ranked Among Best Destinations for Climate Migrants

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As global temperatures continue to rise, many are seeking refuge from the effects of climate change. Servicemaster By Zaba recently commissioned a poll to discover the most likely destinations for climate migrants in the US. The poll took into account the practicality of moving to each destination, including work and lifestyle factors. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh both ranked among the top destinations for those looking to escape the effects of climate change.

Philadelphia came in 11th position on the list, and while it may not have made the top 10 it certainly deserves recognition for its many appealing qualities. Philadelphia is a city that can boast a welcoming climate with warm summers and cool winters, offering relief from more extreme weather conditions. With its rich heritage, culture, and a thriving food scene that attracts foodies from all over, Philadelphia is a great destination for those on the hunt for a new home.

Additionally, Philadelphia is a hub of education and healthcare, boasting numerous universities and hospitals, making it an ideal place to settle down. It also has a significant number of museums, galleries, and theaters that offer cultural enrichment. Overall, with its resilience to climate change and various attractive features, Philadelphia is definitely a destination worth considering for people looking for a city with a lot to offer.

Pittsburgh followed closely behind at the 22nd position on the list. It offers mild climates with warm summers and cold winters which makes it an attractive option for those wanting to avoid extreme temperatures. In addition, the Appalachian Mountains provide a natural barrier from severe weather – adding another layer of protection against climate change. With its thriving economy and growing job market, Pittsburgh is certainly an enticing option for any would-be migrant looking to start anew.

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Climate change is already making its presence felt in our daily lives, as evidenced by the increase in extreme weather events like floods, wildfires, and hurricanes. Homes and properties are being destroyed, and vulnerable coastal communities face the threat of submersion due to rising sea levels and coastal erosion. In addition to these physical impacts, we also see the damage caused by extreme heat waves and droughts, including damaged infrastructure, water shortages, and higher energy costs. These changes are already affecting people’s lives in numerous ways, highlighting the pressing need for immediate action to address this global challenge.

All in all, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have placed in the top 25 best destinations for climate migrants. These mid-sized cities offer much for prospective relocators looking for a secure place to settle that is better able to handle the effects of climate change. Whether drawn by abundant green space, vibrant cultural institutions and businesses, or excellent medical facilities — which are especially important when dealing with extreme weather events — both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have much to offer people seeking to relocate for their own safety and peace of mind. Despite their respective rankings in this study, there are sure to be many individuals from across the US who will find these cities attractive destinations suited perfectly to weathering the worst that climate change has to offer.

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