Santa Claus: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

NORTH POLE — Legendary figure Santa Claus gets exclusive with MyChesCo as he prepares for his Christmas Eve gift deliveries. Read on for 25 notes about Santa you might not have known!

  1. Santa can speak every language fluently.

  2. Santa drives a 1970 Dodge Challenger. The sleigh is for official use only.

  3. Santa wants to see the world come together in peace, love, and harmony.

  4. Chocolate chip cookies are Santa’s favorite treat.

  5. Santa loves to just hang out in nature.

  6. Santa is known by other names,  including St. Nickolas, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost, Kris Kringle, and many others.

  7. Santa has one list that he uses to keep track of who is naughty or nice.

  8. The entrance to Santa’s workshop is at the North Pole but the workshop itself exists in a bubble universe, keeping it invisible to the world.

  9. Santa stopped leaving coal to naughty boys and girls in the early 1950s. Today, they receive socks and underwear.

  10. Santa is the personification of Christmas Spirit but was once human.

  11. Santa is 1749 years old and was born in 270 CE during the Roman Empire.

  12. Santa’s favorite movie about himself is The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell.

  13. Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause is fake news.

  14. Santa moves between moments in time, and his sleigh is capable of manipulating space-time, making it near impossible to witness him delivering gifts.

  15. Santa takes two weeks off immediately after Christmas. Then, with the help of his elves, he begins the yearlong work of building gifts and monitoring the behavior of children.

  16. Santa’s reindeer only assist in the sleigh’s takeoffs and landings. The sleigh currently uses ‘dark energy’ to create anti-gravity propulsion. However, the elves are investigating the use of tachyons and other exotic energy.

  17. If a house does not have a chimney, Santa has a “magic” key that helps him enter homes.

  18. Santa has only been wearing his red and white outfit since the early 1930s. Before that, his suits were various colors that included green, brown, blue, and even tan.

  19. Santa married Mrs. Claus in 1849.

  20. In the United States, all letters to Santa are routed to the North Pole through a post office in Santa Claus, Indiana.

  21. Santa works pro bono and does not receive a salary.

  22. Santa has forgiven Philadelphia Eagles fans for pelting him with snowballs at a game in 1968.

  23. Santa’s official worldwide communication office is located in Rovaniemi, Finland, and he takes meetings there year-round.

  24. Santa does not discriminate against anyone based on religion, creed, race, skin color, nation, ancestry, gender, physical or mental ability, or any other shallow and insignificant characteristics.

  25. Santa loves every child in the world equally and unconditionally.

MyChesCo would like to thank Santa Claus for providing this list of 25 things about him. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Santa. Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy this magical season.

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