Former Southern Chester County Resident Created a Facebook Networking Group for People 50+

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Chester County residents are among many who are enjoying the opportunity to be involved.

“I LOVE OLDER PEOPLE! – A place to talk with people 50 +” is a friendly, inclusive Facebook group for people 50 years of age and older that is gathering much attention.

In only 2 years, the group has nearly 1,400 followers from all over the world and is growing rapidly as word spreads and days go by. From the United States to Australia, group members from several generations are introducing themselves, asking questions and providing opinions, sharing pictures, offering their memories and engaging in interesting dialogue.

Marianne Palmer D’Agostino from Chesterbrook, PA, joined the group in recent months and has been enjoying the posts, along with several other Chester County residents. As an active contributor, she recently shared an encouraging message: “If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.” Marianne is not alone with her fond sentiments, as many often post messages about their happy engagement with the group. “Every post on this site [group] has had an impact on me,” she said, after being thankful that someone encouraged her to join.

Please don’t be mistaken; this social media platform is not a dating site. It is a place for individuals 50 years or older to share thoughtful conversation, compare stories and connect through kindness, compassion and laughter.

Chester County residents are encouraged to join to meet people from all over the world. From Toronto to Edinburgh to Rio De Janeiro to Rome, there is always someone new to meet from other countries….and not to mention, home.

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Curious who created this group and want to get involved?

Meet the Founder and Administrator of the page and its many members by joining “I LOVE OLDER PEOPLE! – A place to talk with people 50 +” from your Facebook search bar. (Please keep in mind, this is a closed group for those 50 years and older that requires an authorization, so it might take a couple of days to get approved due to the volume of requests to join.)

About the Founder of I LOVE OLDER PEOPLE:

The Founder created the group because he learned in life that there are so many older people who have so much wisdom to share and additionally, he realized that there are not a lot of venues for older people to connect. He spends time visiting with older people in their homes, because he believes that everyone can learn a lot from former generations.

“The biggest motivation behind the creation of this Facebook group involved a very close and loving relationship with my grandfather,” he said. His grandfather took the time to teach him every aspect of a car engine. His grandfather also opened his eyes to the beauty of music and taught him how to play the Mandolin.

In fact, as a result of his grandfather’s influence, he actually played with Doc Watson on stage with Bill Millrow. “I was signing autographs when I was 12 years old!” he reminisced.

“My father is a great influence as well, and he is still inspiring me with his words today.” When asked what has been the most powerful lesson from his father, he stated: “Respect women. They are angels. It’s the same thing my grandfather used to say.” His father made sure he treated his mother right.

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You can join many Chester County residents and others from around the country and the world by visiting “I LOVE OLDER PEOPLE! – A place to talk with people 50 +” on Facebook by visiting

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  1. Great article Tina! Thanks for the encouragement to join. I can honestly say when I get up at 6 am our friends from the 50+ group are up posting about there plans for the day or just to say good morning. I look forward to their pictures they share, stories and most of all the humor that has me laughing…

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