SALT Performing Arts, SHARING THE LOVE Starting this Satruday, January 16

SALT Performing Arts, SHARING THE LOVE Starting this Satruday, January 16

CHESTER SPRINGS, PA — SALT Performing Arts rings in the new year with a new series of fun winter programs for all ages: #PASSTHESALT Marathon Week, Valentine’s Day Singing Telegrams and SALTy Assassin!

As the pandemic restrictions for theatres continue, SALT has come up with a series of exciting and fun winter/early spring programming to keep the community engaged and connected.

#PASSTHESALT Marathon Week of  Acts of Kindness

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Day, SALT launches #PASS THE SALT ACTS OF KINDNESS Marathon week Saturday, January 16th. Sign up as a group or individual for this fun reverse scavenger hunt activity whereby you participate in acts of kindness for others. Besides spreading good cheer, SALT will be throwing in some SURPRISES for participants! All of the acts completed will be recorded as a photo or video and uploaded to a designated google drive. On January 31st, SALT will host a  watch party to see the highlight reel from the week of good deeds, announce award winners, and reveal the 2021 Season of Shows. ACTS OF KINDNESS include such things as:

  • Caroling to a neighbor’s house.
  • Hold the door at WAWA for 10 people
  • Paint a rock with an encouraging message
  • Pick up litter…and dance or sing while you do it.

$30 registration fee. Complete details and sign up for #PASSTHESALT Marathon Week can be found here.

Valentine’s Day Singing Telegrams

Allow our SALT performers to make this DAY OF LOVE extra special for someone in your life! For just $25, we will send a personalized singing telegram to the recipient of your choosing. It will come to them on Valentine’s Day in the form of a music video over email with a note from you. This can be for a son/daughter, husband/wife, partner, parent, grandparent, friend, or that co-worker you’ve been trying to win over. The singers will sing THE NAME of your recipient in the song AND your recipient’s name will appear on the screen.

Choose between our lovely and incredibly talented girl group: Alessandra Fanelli, Saree Fioravanti, Liana Henrie & Sara Helmers or the ever so charming and top-notch boy group: Dana Orange, Mike Styer, Josh Calderon, & Schyler Marsh. Purchase a ticket for the telegram and indicate at check-out the name of the recipient, their email address, and a small note from you to go with it. Deadline to purchase a telegram is February 6th. Complete information and orders can be made here.

SALTy ASSASSINs, a socially distanced competition 

For the month of March, SALT and friends will play the game Assassins. The goal of this game is for the SALT community to have a month of socially-distanced interacting and also to be the last person standing. The winner will split a 50/50 pot of cash with SALT! Registration is $30/person which goes into the pot of cash to be split with the winner. Everyone who registers to play is secretly assigned a target, who is another player in the game. The way you eliminate your target from the game is to squirt them with a water gun somewhere outside. This often requires the help of others to coordinate, but you can also be sneaky on your own. Once your target has been eliminated, your new target becomes whomever was THEIR target. The entire time, someone is also after you. Each member of your family can play. Join in on the fun here

“While our originally planned 2021 show lineup has been put on hold, that doesn’t mean we still can’t engage in some fun and original programming designed to keep our community strong and connected” comments Lauren McComas, President and Artistic Director of SALT Performing Arts. “Once again, we’ve put on our thinking cap and come up with some outside-of-the-theatre box ideas that are engaging for everyone in our community and beyond. While to participate in SALTy Assassins you do need to be local, the Singing Telegrams will be sent to loved ones via emails and the #PASS THE SALT Marathon is open to anyone anywhere. We are so excited to be able to beat the winter blues with these fun offerings!”

Ever since the shut-down in March, SALT has adapted to the pandemic restrictions and circumstances to keep their community connected and the arts alive. Despite the challenges through it all, SALT has brought the community connected via online Cooped Up Cabarets, Beyond the Walls outside drive-in concerts, an outdoor Good Ol Fashioned Variety Show, and an outside production of The Last Five Years, an indoor production of Nunsense with performers in plexiglass boxes, Rise UP, a 6 year anniversary fundraiser made available via live-streaming and A Christmas Spectacular via a video stream.

The mission of SALT Performing Arts is to provide live community theatre productions, Playhouses for Preschoolers, summer/year-round theatre camps for kids, dinner theatre, and more. With excellence as the standard, SALT, a non-profit organization, believes that the “community” is paramount in community theatre and strives to foster an all-inclusive atmosphere that promotes a positive, uplifting experience to each individual. SALT involves people of all ages from all walks of life. If you are interested in learning more about SALT Performing Arts, making a donation, or being a sponsor, please email us at

SALT Performing Arts, Chester Springs, PA 19425 is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes with a non-profit 501(c)(3) status. For more information, contact Judy Elliott (, 610-513-5839) or visit our website (

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