Funk Ambassador Tony L Drops Groovy New Single ‘Hail To The Funk’

Hail To The FunkSubmitted Image

PHILADELPHIA, PA — In a music scene ablaze with soulful rhythms and infectious beats, Tony L, the funk ambassador hailing from Trenton, New Jersey, and now making waves in Philadelphia, has unleashed his latest creation, “Hail To The Funk,” now streaming on all major platforms.

With “Hail To The Funk,” Tony L sets the stage for an electrifying series of upcoming singles that promise to immerse fans worldwide in the soul-stirring essence of funk music. Channeling a lifetime of emotions and experiences into his craft, Tony L weaves a tapestry of pain, joy, determination, and hard work, creating music that strikes a chord deep within his listeners’ hearts.

Tony L’s musical odyssey through the world of funk traces back to the moment he received his first bass from the legendary Raymond Earl of Instant Funk fame. Fueled by the iconic sounds of Instant Funk, Tony L forged ahead, forming The Funkateers, a dynamic ensemble that birthed the pulsating anthem “Bring Your Body To The Party.”

With “Hail To The Funk,” Tony L eloquently carries on the legacy of funk, paying homage to its roots while infusing it with his signature flair and vigor. From the gritty streets of Trenton to the vibrant musical landscape of Philadelphia, Tony L’s music stands as a testament to the timeless allure of funk—a genre that transcends boundaries to uplift, inspire, and captivate audiences across the globe.

Embark on a funk-filled journey with Tony L today by streaming “Hail To The Funk” on your preferred platform, and groove to the beats that echo the spirit and rhythm of funk’s golden era.

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