bOydestiNy Announces New Album ‘Love is Forever’ with a Tribute to Emma Watson

Love is Forever Album CoverSubmitted Image

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philadelphia’s own bOydestiNy, the artist who captured hearts worldwide with his viral “Emma Watson Song,” is set to release his latest album, “Love is Forever,” on May 1st, 2024. Beginning this week, in celebration of Emma Watson’s birthday, fans can pre-order the launch.

Since making waves in 2008 as the first musician to dedicate a rap tribute to the beloved Harry Potter starlet, bOydestiNy has been crafting his unique blend of music that spans genres and resonates with fans across the globe. His latest project promises to be a deep dive into the myriad facets of love, encapsulating the joy, pain, and ultimate beauty of this universal emotion.

“Love is Forever” emerges in the springtime, symbolizing a season of new beginnings and blossoming romance. The album, released by ICR Records, features a mix of R&B and Pop tracks that explore love in all its forms—from the thrill of discovery and the depths of devotion to the heartache of loss and the triumph of rekindled passion.

The lead single, sharing the album’s title, “Love is Forever,” sets the tone for an emotionally charged journey through love’s landscape. With bOydestiNy’s signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, the album is poised to become a soundtrack for lovers and dreamers alike.

Available in both digital and physical formats, “Love is Forever” will be accessible through major online vendors and select brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring fans everywhere can experience bOydestiNy’s latest masterpiece.

As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for an album that not only celebrates love but also pays homage to an artist’s muse, Emma Watson, whose influence on bOydestiNy’s work continues to inspire.

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Prepare to be swept off your feet by “Love is Forever,” an album that promises to capture the essence of love in all its glory. Pre-order your copy and join bOydestiNy on a musical odyssey dedicated to the timeless power of love.

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