DBTV Unveils Exciting New Lineup Amid Industry Cutbacks


PHILADELPHIA, PA — DBTV has announced an ambitious new lineup for its Summer/Fall season, expanding its programming with over 38 first-run shows. This move brings the total number of shows airing on DBTV to 127, marking a significant growth for the network.

Diverse and Family-Centric Programming

“Our goal is to bring great, exciting, educational, and enlightening family-centric programming to families around the world,” said David Brunner, President and CEO of DBTV Television Network. While many networks are cutting back on content, DBTV is doubling down, offering a diverse array of shows aimed at various interests and age groups.

Last week, DBTV also revealed its exclusive broadcast partnership with the Global Flag Football League (GFFL), set to begin its inaugural season in Spring 2025. This partnership is a key part of DBTV’s strategy to attract a wide audience.

New Show Additions

Starting in July, DBTV will air a variety of new shows including:

  • World Class Tag
  • World Poker Tour
  • Positively America with Ernie Anastos
  • Coffee With America
  • Triton Poker Series
  • Real Green
  • Ready Set Renovate
  • Nashville Roadhouse Live
  • Chasing Down Madison Brown
  • Animal Rescue
  • Dog Tales
  • Hiring America
  • Missing
  • Science Now
  • America’s Heartland
  • Biz Kids
  • Think Big
  • Dragonfly TV
  • Nashville Insider
  • A Captain’s Log
  • That 70’s Music Show
  • Mad Dog & Merrill
  • Stand Up Memories
  • The Big Ticket Life
  • Peter’s Principles
  • Rock & Roll Rarities
  • Tainted Dreams
  • Voices of Courage
  • Journey Through Sports & Life
  • Commanders Justice
  • Gurus and Game Changers
  • The Scene with Doreen
Returning Favorites

DBTV is also bringing back two popular shows from their summer hiatus: Red Hot/Right Now and DBTV Magazine. Red Hot/Right Now, hosted by veteran TV host John Daly, offers infotainment on business news, travel deals, and exclusive product discounts. DBTV Magazine, executive produced by Phil Andrews, features positive news stories and regular segments spotlighting extraordinary people.

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Classic Cartoons and Films

In addition to its new programming, DBTV has acquired a library of classic cartoons, including Three Stooges, Woody Woodpecker, and Popeye. These will be part of an expanded four-hour block of Saturday Morning Children’s Programs. The weekend favorite, DBTV @ The Movies, has also added over 100 new classic films to its lineup.

Broad Appeal

“DBTV is one of the rare networks that has programs for every age and interest,” said Phil Andrews, Content Manager and Technical Advisor for DBTV. “You can gather your family around the TV and not be afraid you have to send your children or grandkids out of the room from something you don’t want them to hear or see.”

Andrews highlighted that DBTV offers over 15 different genres, providing entertaining programming to the U.S. and seven other countries. This broad approach aims to create a safe and engaging viewing experience for all members of the family.

Fall Theme: ‘Where Are You Watching DBTV?!’

To engage its audience further, DBTV’s Fall theme will be ‘Where Are You Watching DBTV?!’ The network plans to run promos on air and on social media featuring viewers watching their favorite shows from various locations around the globe.

DBTV’s Exciting New Lineup and Partnerships

DBTV’s new lineup and strategic partnerships reflect a focus on growth and diversification at a time when many networks are scaling back. By offering a wide range of family-friendly programming, DBTV aims to solidify its place in the global television landscape and continue expanding its loyal viewership.

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