Exclusive Release: Original Copies of ‘The Automat’ Book on Sale for Automat Day

The AutomatSubmitted Image

PHILADELPHIA, PA — In a tribute to an iconic piece of American culinary history, Horn & Hardart has announced a limited edition sale of “The Automat: The History, Recipes, and Allure of Horn & Hardart’s Masterpiece” by Marianne Hardart and Lorraine B. Diehl. Celebrating the 122nd anniversary of the first Automat’s grand opening in Philadelphia, this rare sale offers enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of dining history.

Starting at 12 p.m. ET on June 9, 2024, Horn & Hardart will release only 50 original copies of this beloved book exclusively through their website, hornandhardart.com. These original copies, provided by Marianne Hardart herself, promise readers an engaging exploration of Horn & Hardart’s revolutionary Automat, complete with cherished recipes, archival photographs, and insightful interviews that capture the essence and nostalgia of the once-ubiquitous dining experience.

For those captivated by the charm and innovation of the Automat, missing this sale means not all hope is lost. A waitlist will be available for aficionados to express their interest in future reproductions of “The Automat.” Joining this waitlist not only secures a potential copy but also supports the revival efforts of the legendary Horn & Hardart Automat brand.

This limited edition offer is a unique opportunity to relive the magic of the Automat, a dining concept that forever changed America’s urban landscape. With only 50 copies available, make sure to mark your calendars and be ready to claim your piece of culinary history. Seize the chance to celebrate, reminisce, and be part of the ongoing legacy of Horn & Hardart’s Automat on this special Automat Day.

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