The Washington Memorial Heritage to Explore the Life & Career of Founding Father Dr. Benjamin Rush: “The Father of Psychiatry” During June Leadership Series

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VALLEY FORGE, PA — The Washington Memorial Heritage and David Cross and Indispensable Leadership (LLC) have announced that they will be examining the life and career of Founding Father Dr. Benjamin Rush as part of their June Leadership Series.

During this riveting discussion, which will be held at the Washington Memorial Chapel (Rt. 23 Valley Forge Park, Valley Forge, PA) on Thursday, June 9 at 6 PM, David Cross will lead attendees in a conversation about the “father of psychiatry.”

Rush was not only one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence; he was intimately involved in all of the activities of his time, including not just independence, but the birth of the new country. He was close friends with John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and many of the founders (He worked intimately with George Washington, but this relationship, as they say, was “complicated.”).

Cross will re-tell the story of the Revolution and the start of the new country and explain how Rush earned the title of the “American Hippocrates.” After all, Rush was not only the father of American psychiatry, but Philadelphia’s chief warrior against smallpox and yellow fever.

A medical pioneer, a versatile leader who helped lead the fight for independence and a visionary ahead of his time, Rush’s story provides many life lessons that are applicable in today’s rapidly-changing world.

The Washington Memorial Heritage Leadership Forum Series is a History/Leadership and Author Events Program that kicked off earlier this year at the Washington Memorial Chapel. Drawing upon America’s Revolutionary history, the program examines the challenges and decisions faced by the country’s Founders. Analyzing their experiences, the program provides lessons which help attendees in their business and personal life.

The price will be $20 per person per session; students with proof of student status will be admitted free.

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Washington Memorial Chapel is located at Rt. 23 Valley Forge Park, Valley Forge, PA.

To learn more about the Washington Memorial Chapel, visit and to learn about the restoration campaign.

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