Pennsylvania Launches Summer Learning and Literacy Road Trip for Kids

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HARRISBURG, PA — The Department of Education Secretary Dr. Khalid N. Mumin and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn announced the third annual Pennsylvania Summer Learning and Literacy Road Trip. This initiative provides virtual learning activities designed to inspire young children to read and explore the great outdoors.

What is the Summer Learning and Literacy Road Trip?

The program is an eight-week virtual journey aimed at families with children up to kindergarten age, though older kids can also benefit. It includes resources like the Road Trip Map and the Road Trip Travel Journal, which highlight Pennsylvania State Parks and Libraries alongside book recommendations and family-friendly activities.

“Pennsylvania has an amazing park system with educators at most locations,” said Dr. Khalid Mumin. “This road trip is a great way to encourage learning and reading while exposing children to new ways to learn and new experiences in nature.”

Engaging Activities for All

The activities provided can be performed anywhere, making it accessible for all families regardless of their location. The program is designed to keep children engaged in educational activities during the summer months when school is out of session. The resources are available in both English and Spanish on the Pennsylvania Promise for Children website.

Connecting Kids to Nature

Eight state parks are participating in this year’s Summer Literacy Road Trip. “Outdoor education is a major part of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of State Parks mission,” said Cindy Adams Dunn. “This will help connect the newest generation of readers to the great outdoors, creating memories and influencing the next generation of nature enthusiasts.”

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The initiative encourages children to explore Pennsylvania’s 124 state parks, offering them new learning experiences and a deeper appreciation for nature.

Developed for Early Learners

The Summer Learning and Literacy Road Trip was developed by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning. All activities complement the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, ensuring that they are both fun and educational.

“We are always trying to make learning and literacy more accessible and exciting to early learners,” said Deputy Secretary Shante’ Brown. “This virtual road trip is so much fun for the whole family and hopefully brings some education and nature into things you’re already doing.”

Theme and Inspiration

This year’s road trip theme draws from the 2024 Pennsylvania One Book selection, “Slug in Love” by Rachel Bright, tying elements of the book into the activities and adventures planned for the summer.

Boost Kids’ Summer Learning

Programs like the Summer Learning and Literacy Road Trip are crucial for maintaining children’s educational progress during the summer. They provide structured activities that can foster a love for reading and the outdoors, both of which are vital for holistic development.

Look through the travel journal and map to find friends from the book who tag along on the road trip.​

Where Literacy Meets Adventure

By combining literacy with outdoor exploration, the initiative could set a precedent for future educational programs. It promotes physical activity, environmental awareness, and intellectual growth, creating well-rounded learning experiences for children.

The Pennsylvania Summer Learning and Literacy Road Trip offers an engaging way for families to make the most of their summer. By blending education with outdoor fun, it promises to create lasting memories and inspire a love for reading and nature among Pennsylvania’s youngest residents. Families are encouraged to participate and take advantage of the rich resources provided to enhance their children’s summer learning experience.

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