Frontline Education Unveils Inaugural “K-12 Lens” Report to Guide School Leaders

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MALVERN, PA — Frontline Education, a leading provider of administrative and educational technology solutions, this week launched its first “K-12 Lens: A Survey Report from Frontline Education.” The report, drawing on responses from nearly 700 K-12 administrators nationwide, aims to shed light on the primary challenges and opportunities school districts face today. By offering actionable insights and data-driven strategies, Frontline Education seeks to empower district leaders to make informed decisions that enhance the educational experience for staff and students alike.

The “K-12 Lens” report identifies three critical areas for potential improvement in school districts: growing human capital, supporting students holistically, and protecting essential district resources. Findings reveal a significant struggle with staffing, as 67% of respondents reported increased difficulty in hiring over the past year. Additionally, while 96% of administrators believe that professional development is key to boosting engagement and retention, only 41% report a staff retention rate between 81 and 90%.

In terms of student support, the survey indicates a need for a more structured approach to tracking early warning indicators (EWIs) such as attendance, behavior, and grades, with only half of the districts being certain about which students are receiving necessary interventions based on these indicators.

Furthermore, the report spotlights the challenge of safeguarding district resources amid technological advancements and legislative changes. A quarter of the respondents express a lack of confidence in budgeting for future tech needs, while 45% have observed decreased funding due to legislative adjustments, with cybersecurity emerging as the top technological hurdle.

Mark Gruzin, CEO of Frontline Education, emphasizes the report’s role as both a snapshot of current trends and a roadmap for future action. “This report provides the K-12 community with the latest insights and resources to drive positive change,” Gruzin stated. The company plans to release similar reports annually, establishing benchmarks to track trends over time and assist district leaders in aligning their strategies with the most recent research.

In conjunction with the “K-12 Lens” report, Frontline Education announced plans to offer further insights through webinars, blogs, podcasts, and persona-specific guidance. These resources will delve into Human Capital Management (HCM), Student Management, and Business Management within K-12 education, offering comprehensive strategies to address the unique challenges faced by educators.

The inaugural “K-12 Lens” report from Frontline Education arrives at a crucial moment for the education sector, grappling with the aftermath of a global pandemic and ongoing technological shifts. By highlighting key challenges in staffing, student support, and resource management, the report not only aids school leaders in navigating these issues but also contributes to broader discussions on the future of education policy and practice. As school districts strive to adapt to changing landscapes, such data-driven insights and strategies become indispensable tools for fostering environments where both educators and students can thrive.

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