A Win For Everyone: WCU Students Donate Furniture to Local Non-Profit

West Chester UniversityImage via West Chester University

WEST CHESTER, PA —  This year, West Chester University organized a furniture collection initiative for off-campus students, with a dual purpose of benefiting the local non-profit Community Warehouse Project (CWP) and the environment.

The Move Out, Give Back program was developed as part of Jacinda Maus’s senior media and culture major internship at the University’s Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services.

Participating students were required to register so that their donations of gently used furniture and small household appliances could be included in the upcoming pick-up event on May 13th. The CWP will be distributing these items to families and individuals on their pre-screened list, who are in financial need of furniture but cannot afford new or used pieces otherwise.

So far, 62 student households have signed up for the program, with around 300 items already collected. Thanks to this project, these items will be repurposed instead of being left to take up space in a landfill.

“This program is so important because not only does it give off-campus students a chance to declutter and get rid of furniture that is no longer needed but it helps those who are in need of furniture,” she says. “This pilot program has been a success and I’m so proud of the outcome!”

“We’ve served more than 400 families this past year,” notes CWP Executive Director Glenda Brion. “Our numbers are looking like we’ll be above that for this coming year. A lot of these folks are veterans coming out of the VA hospital in Coatesville. We also serve a lot of single moms who just can’t make ends meet.”

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For the 2023-2024 school year, OCCS personnel intend on giving on-campus residents the same opportunity.

Please follow this link to get in touch with the CWP.

Discover further information about the OCCS by clicking here.

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