Shaping the Future of Education: Pennwood Cyber Charter School Opens Doors to Chester County Students

Pennwood Cyber Charter School

CHESTER COUNTY, PA — In an era that increasingly embraces digital innovation, Chester County benefits from a standout educational opportunity. Starting this fall, local students can take advantage of a new full-time online public school, Pennwood Cyber Charter School, offering collegiate and career-focused education. What sets it apart? A crucial partnership with Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies, paving the way for project-based learning opportunities.

With tuition-free accessibility and a dynamic curriculum, Pennwood Cyber Charter School aims to revolutionize the learning landscape of K-12 students in Chester County. The school is currently enrolling for its opening 2024-25 academic term.

A breath of fresh air for Pennsylvania families, Pennwood Cyber Charter School offers an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schools by integrating a successful, long-standing virtual learning model. The school is designed to provide students with a personally tailored, adaptable education journey. This curriculum aligns with Pennsylvania’s standards while delivering high-quality, individualized support and services.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education, which approved Pennwood Cyber Charter, places emphasis not only on academics but also on fostering life skills, essential for student confidence to flourish inside and outside the classroom. By integrating the renowned Connections Academy program, a wide array of core coursework, and electives, students can pursue their unique interests and passions.

The e-school beckons with a cadre of teachers skilled in online tuition, adding their personal touch to the virtual learning space. Pennwood ensures that even in a wholly online setting, students can mingle and build relationships with peers and tutors, either virtually or face-to-face.

Pennwood Cyber Charter School stands out in the educational panorama with its robust programming. Key differentiators include project-based learning opportunities through an alliance with Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies, aiming to bolster employment potential and college readiness.

In partnership with the Cook Center for Human Connection, the school offers additional mental health support and counseling for students, families, and teachers. It also features an extra three weeks of instruction, during which students can earn Credly badges, align with the state’s Career Education and Work Standards, or prepare for upcoming state assessments.

Moreover, the school offers an extensive range of college and career courses for grades 6-12, blending traditional courses with industry-leading, career-oriented options. Students also gain access to partnerships with Coursera, Acadeum, Credly, and The Home Depot.

Pennwood Cyber Charter School Board Chair Marc LeBlond emphasized the significance of a virtual education option. “In an increasingly digital world, students need a virtual education option that empowers them to meet their educational and life goals,” LeBlond expressed. “We’re thrilled to offer Pennsylvania families a built-for-purpose online education experience with flexible pacing, college preparatory programming, and career development opportunities.”

The school caters to students from diverse backgrounds and educational histories. It also addresses the needs of students who might find themselves falling behind or struggling in traditional school environments, those coping with health issues, or victims of bullying.

With enrollment now open for the 2024-25 school year, families can attend an online information session to see if this virtual school option is the right fit for their students. The way forward in education is here, Pennsylvania; let’s step into the future with Pennwood Cyber Charter School. For more information, visit the official Pennwood Cyber Charter School website.

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