Discover Westtown: A Historical Journey with David Walter

Westtown’s Oakbourne Mansion and students of Pleasant Grove School, circa 1904.Westtown’s Oakbourne Mansion and students of Pleasant Grove School, circa 1904. /Submitted Image

WEST CHESTER, PA — On Saturday, June 22nd, history enthusiasts are invited to a captivating talk by local historian David Walter. The event, which is free and open to the public, will take place at 10 a.m. at the Westtown Township Building, located at 1039 Wilmington Pike.

David Walter, a prominent member of the Westtown Historical Commission, will delve into the rich and varied history of Westtown Township. His presentation promises to uncover some of the most unusual aspects of the area’s past, from blacksmith shops and Civil War prisons to Hessian troops looting the countryside, grand mansions, and key stops on the Underground Railroad.

“Westtown’s story goes all the way back to William Penn and the Lenape Indian tribes that lived here,” Walter explained. “In many ways, Westtown’s history reflects the legacy of Chester County’s growth. Veterans of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars are buried here. We had a hospital for epileptics, a historic Black church, and one of the first female postmistresses in the U.S.”

Westtown is also known for its integrated and co-ed schools, along with a longstanding agricultural tradition that continues today. This upcoming talk is part of a series presented by the Westtown Historical Commission, aiming to shed light on the township’s significant historical narrative.

Join David Walter to explore the fascinating layers of Westtown’s history and gain a deeper appreciation for one of Chester County’s original townships. Further details, including livestream link, can be found on the Westtown Township website.

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