HHS Secretary Visits Kennett Square, Highlights Health Care Savings under Inflation Reduction Act

Secretary Becerra recognizes community for National Nurses WeekSubmitted Image

KENNETT SQUARE, PA — In a visit coinciding with National Nurses Week, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra toured LCH Health and Community Services in Kennett Square. Accompanied by Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA), the visit focused on discussing the tangible impacts of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act on healthcare affordability and access.

During his visit, Secretary Becerra underscored the act’s groundbreaking provisions for lowering healthcare costs for Americans, particularly emphasizing the newfound ability of Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies. “With Medicare negotiating drug prices and the elimination of catastrophic cost-sharing, we’re building a health care system that’s more equitable for generations to come,” Becerra stated.

Representative Houlahan praised the significance of Secretary Becerra’s visit, highlighting its timing during National Nurses Week as a testament to the administration’s commitment to affordable healthcare. “The Inflation Reduction Act is creating invaluable savings on prescription drugs and out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare enrollees. It saves American taxpayers billions and marks strides towards a healthier future for every individual in our nation,” Houlahan remarked.

Ronan W. Gannon, CEO of LCH Health and Community Services, lauded the administration’s efforts to combat the high costs of healthcare and prescription drugs. He noted that more than half of LCH’s patients are uninsured and outlined how the center uses sliding fee discounts to make healthcare accessible to everyone, aligning with health centers nationwide.

The Inflation Reduction Act has notably reduced prescription drug costs for Pennsylvanians, with a $35 cap on Medicare-covered insulin products and significant out-of-pocket savings set to take effect. HHS data reveals substantial increases in Medicare enrollees receiving vital vaccines free of charge, underscoring the act’s broad impact on public health.

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This landmark legislation allows for direct negotiation of drug prices by Medicare for the first time, promising enduring benefits for current and future beneficiaries. The visit by HHS Secretary Becerra to Kennett Square serves as a powerful reminder of the administration’s dedication to transforming healthcare in America, making it more accessible and affordable for all.

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