Coatesville to Welcome New Electric Vehicle Charging Station with Federal Funding Boost

Charging of a vehicle in a charging stationPhoto by Kindel Media on

COATESVILLE, PA — State Representative Dan Williams announced that CarCharge LLC has received nearly $1 million in federal funding to establish an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at the Marriott in Coatesville. This initiative, supported by Round 1A of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funding, aims to bolster the EV infrastructure along the crucial Route 30 corridor.

The awarded $969,304 will facilitate the creation of a strategically located charging station that promises to serve not only as a boon for local business but also as a convenience for EV drivers. Moreover, this project is poised to contribute positively to environmental conservation efforts, featuring a solar carport that will harness solar energy to power the charging stations.

The NEVI funds are part of a broader federal effort to support the transition to electric vehicles as a means to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The program focuses on the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of EV charging sites, aiming to create a network that supports long-distance travel and alleviates ‘range anxiety’ among EV users.

Recipient entities like CarCharge LLC are required to provide a minimum 20% match as part of the PA NEVI program’s reimbursement structure. This co-investment model ensures that both public and private sectors contribute to the development of a robust EV infrastructure.

Representative Williams highlighted the multifaceted benefits of this project, stating, “This funding will help create an electric vehicle infrastructure in our region where it is most needed, especially along Route 30.” He emphasized the positive implications for businesses, drivers, and the environment, marking a significant step forward in Pennsylvania’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

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The introduction of this charging station in Coatesville is expected to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the region, providing a necessary boost to the local economy and contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change. As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, such investments are critical to ensuring the infrastructure keeps pace with demand, ultimately leading to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

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