Coatesville Grand Prix Fuels Local Youth Development with a Generous $10,000 Donation

Crosby Wood, Charisse Allen, Ajené Livingston, Lisa ThomasLeft to right: Crosby Wood, Charisse Allen, Ajené Livingston, Lisa Thomas /Submitted Image

COATESVILLE. PA — In a powerful demonstration of community support, the Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix (CIVGP) has once again shown its commitment to the city’s future. The organization recently gifted a check for $10,000 to the Coatesville Parks & Recreation Commission, marking the second consecutive year that the commission has been a beneficiary of the Grand Prix’s event proceeds.

The donation was presented by Crosby Wood, Principal of New Heritage Properties and co-founder of the CIVGP, and Lisa Thomas, Owner of Brand Farm, LLC and the CIVGP Sponsorship Director. The presentation, which took place during the City Council’s inaugural 2024 meeting, saw Ajené Livingston, Chairperson of the Coatesville Parks & Recreation Commission, receiving the generous gift on behalf of the city.

This contribution will provide a substantial boost to the commission’s ongoing initiatives, particularly those targeted towards youth development. The funds will also be allocated to park-related activities and educational programming, as per Livingston.

The importance of this donation cannot be overstated. In a time where urban areas often struggle to provide adequate recreational facilities and programs, these funds can make a significant difference to the city’s youth. By supporting initiatives that foster personal growth, leadership skills, and environmental stewardship, the CIVGP is investing in more than just the parks—it’s investing in the future leaders of Coatesville.

Councilwoman Charisse Allen underscored the connection between the Grand Prix and the city, pointing out that thousands of spectators from across the region descend upon Coatesville each year. They come not only to relish the thrill of vintage automobiles and motorcycles maneuvering a challenging two-mile course but also to experience the rich history and culture woven into the fabric of Coatesville’s streets.

The symbiotic relationship between the Grand Prix and the city is evident. The event helps to highlight Coatesville’s historic charm while simultaneously contributing to its future through donations like this one. The Grand Prix’s commitment to the city’s youth development initiatives comes full circle as these programs can help produce engaged citizens who may, in turn, continue to support and participate in local events like the CIVGP.

In essence, the CIVGP’s generous donation serves as a catalyst for positive change, fostering community growth and fortifying Coatesville’s legacy for generations to come. It’s a testament to the power of community spirit and the enduring impact that such events can have on a city and its residents. Indeed, the roar of engines at the Coatesville Grand Prix signals more than just an exciting race—it heralds a brighter future for the city and its youth.

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