How to Find the Best Tattoo Artist Near Me

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You have seen thousands of tattoos out in the world. Some of them may be laughable while others may be considered decent. It’s the really great, detailed, and unique tats that stand out from the crowd.

But how do you find the artists with the ability to create the beautiful works of skin-art that you don’t see very often? How should you conduct your research and find the best artist near your location?

Decide On Your Parameters

When you are placing permanent ink in your body, it is essential for you to do your research, identify your boundaries, and decide what design you want and where you want to put it.

First of all, please do not begin with Googling ‘Tattoo Shops Near Me’. This part will come later. You will definitely get a list of local shops, but there will not be much information on individual artists and the particular genres in which they excel.

You also do not want to walk into a shop without a plan, or sketch, of what you are looking for. Your tattoo should mean something to you. It should be personal and you should be able to explain the meaning behind your decisions to the artist. Your choice should also fit within your current and future plans.

For example, the subject of the tattoo should fit your lifestyle. It isn’t usually appropriate to tattoo a naked lady on your forearm if you are a teacher or work in an office. Depending on your family, a naked lady tattoo may not be what grandma wants at her Thanksgiving table. This is especially true if that naked lady comes out looking more like E.T. than Jennifer Lopez.

Research Local Shops AND Local Artists

Once you decide what you want your tattoo to represent and to include, you can Google ‘tattoo parlors near me’ and begin reviewing the best-rated shops. You want to look for shops with great reviews that discuss cleanliness, customer service, and, most importantly, the quality of tattoos that people have received. Make notes on the artists who are specifically mentioned in the reviews.

At the same time, be wary of reviews. They can easily be bought and/or faked to increase a business’s Google rating.

Choose several shops near you with great reviews and look at their websites. Great tattoo shops will have excellent and detailed websites that introduce you to their artists and give you images of examples of their work. Many artists have also created their own websites, or advertise on social media, to drum up extra business. A great parlor will allow their artists to put personal links on the business website because it will bring people like you into the shop.

Keep in mind that the greatest tattoo artists are very busy and you may have to travel a bit, depending on your location. Remember, you are searching for the best and no tattoo artist is the same.

Not every artist can do a realistic portrait, for example, and you do not want an artist who spends their day tattooing Japanese words and butterflies to tackle something as important as a portrait.

Check within each shop for an artist with a specialty. Some artists excel in old-school tats that resemble early tattoo work(a specialized genre) while other artists are more comfortable recreating a favorite painting or creating a collage of smaller works.

Working With The Artist

A great tattoo artist enjoys the artistry, and they will ask you to meet with them for an initial consultation beforehand. Be wary of artists and shops who tell you that they can give you what you want immediately and quickly because you may not get quality work and quality care.

The initial consultation consists of a dialogue between you and the artist about what you want to be done, why you want it, what it means to you, and where you want it placed.

If you are looking for something simple, or a recreation of a famous work, for example, the artist may quickly be able to calculate how long the tattoo will take them and set up an appointment for the very near future. If you are looking for a portrait or an original drawing, it is proper to give the artist several days, or even weeks, to create several options and/or practice on paper just to make sure that you are happy before the appointment is actually set

A great tattoo artist is exactly that, an artist, and artists need to be creative, which means they need flexibility and input from you to create a personal piece. Remember, this is permanent and you shouldn’t choose your artist lightly. It’s okay to request examples from more than one artist and choose your favorite, like getting a second opinion after a doctor’s visit.

The artist will tell you what you need to do beforehand and make sure that you are on time. One late person can throw off the rest of their day.

Remember to give them a tip over what you pay for the tattoo and leave a review online with pictures of their excellent work!

If you would like more information on how to find the best tattoo artist, contact Chirs Alexander by calling (484) 237-8117 or visiting the Iconic Tattoo Company located at 263 Norwood, Downingtown PA.

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