Women Willpower Topic: High Value Projects | Host: Lisa Morris

Date(s) - 02/09/2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

HOST: Julie May (Online Zoom)


Join fellow “Will-Bees” to explore our goals and to address challenges in business, work, home, health, and growth.

TOPIC: Coming Soon

HOST: Coming Soon

SPEAKER or FACILITATOR: Angeline May will facilitate a conversation where we’ll explore our goals and address challenges – in work, home, health and growth!

WHAT IS A WILLPOWER GATHERING? Willpower Gatherings are hosted by our members, who welcome the community into their spaces for an opportunity to bring your authentic self forward and make real connections with other dynamic “heart – first” women. We gather to get to know each other in a relaxed session of our uniquely facilitated conversations. We share stories, reflect on our goals and support each other in addressing current challenges. Our hosts will often present on the topic or will invite a local woman to join us and share her story forward – in service to our collective growth as individuals and as a community.

WHAT DO WE DO AT CIRCLES & GATHERINGS? Join fellow members and their guests to participate in a Women Willpower Peer to Peer Learning Circle. Circles are facilitated conversations among peers where we share strategies for success and examples from our own lives as tools for learning. Circles are limited to 8 participants while Gatherings can often accommodate up to 40 (depending on the space available.) All participants will be asked to sign our strict code of conduct to ensure we create an open-minded space without judgement where we can all lean into the learning.

Top Benefits of participating:

  • Learn from extraordinary women of diverse backgrounds and experiences across an astounding array of professional and leadership landscapes.
  • Curate Connections through real conversations that matter, as you open up to the possibilities – we all gain from the deepening of our collective knowledge.
  • Speak Your Value by first understanding the depth of all you bring to the table, & become comfortable speaking about the value you bring.
  • Step Into Greater Influence by understanding where you want your impact to be felt in the world and create intentional strategic and authentic relationships to help you along the way.
  • Belong to a shared space we create our next steps together where each and every one of us are respected and valued for the unique and extraordinary insights and stories we bring to the alliance.

Let’s please thank our Host for welcoming us into 2020 at her space!

You can admire and inquire about the work your host wants our members to be aware of here at their website online!

Thank you!


Angeline May

Founder & CEO, Women Willpower

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