Outdoor Sunday Service | Jul 5 | 8:00AM

Date(s) - 07/05/2020
8:00 am - 9:00 am

Covenant Fellowship Church


Covenant Fellowship Church’s Sunday Gathering

We’re glad you’re joining us for an outdoor Sunday service!

We look forward to being together, even if it is not quite “back to normal!”

Our outdoor services will be about an hour long and the congregation will be seated in our main parking lot facing the Marshall House. Each household that plans to attend will need to register online to reserve a space in the parking lot and bring their own seating for each of the people attending with you. Each space will be set up 15-ft from the next space. This distance will allow an entire family/household to sit together in their reserved space.

Once again, please bring your own seating.

To register yourself or your household for the service, please click on the green “Register” button. Select your space and number of attendees in the drop down menus. Then click on the map on the right to choose the location of your space. A space will automatically be selected in white. To choose a different space, un-click the white spot and then select your desired spot. If you do not want to pick your own location, click the orange “Get Tickets” button at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions or issues registering, please contact the church office at 610.361.0606.


Do I need to register beforehand in order to attend?

Yes. If you are planning to come to one of our outdoor services, registration is required. Online registration is available on a first come, first serve basis. Once we fill all of the spaces for a service, we will not be able to take any more registrations for that service. There is not a cost to attend.

Can I register on site?

No. Registration is based on parking spaces. Once a service is full, we will not be able to take any more registrations. If you are having trouble or unable to register online, please call the church office at 610.361.0606 and someone will help to assist you in reserving a seat. We will also have staff on site during the services for anyone who had difficulty registering.

Is handicapped seating available?

Yes! To reserve a handicapped seat, click on the green “Register” button. Enter the promo code “HANDICAP” in the top left corner, then click “Apply.” The available handicap seats will be shown in blue.

Should I bring my ticket with me?

Yes. Please have your reservation confirmation with you when you arrive, either on your phone or printed, so that if there is a confusion over seat locations a staff member can help resolve it.

When can I arrive to the service?

You can arrive up to 20-minutes before the service starts.

Where do I park?

Please enter the property from the Fellowship Drive entrance. Our main parking area will be on the Promise Kingdom side of the parking lot. Parking team members will be on site to direct you when you arrive. Additional parking is also available in the parking lot of the neighboring business, La France. If you choose to park there, be mindful that there will be a short walk to get to the church property across the street. (All cars will depart using the Spring Valley Road exit.)

Where is handicapped parking?

Handicapped parking will be in the church office parking lot and other overflow areas. Please tell the parking team of your parking needs when you arrive.

When I arrive, how do I find my seat?

Your ticket has your seat number on it. All the rows will be marked with a letter (A at the front and H at the back) and all spaces will be marked by orange parking cones with the space number written on it (1-10 in the first row and 91-100 in the last row).

Do I need to bring my own seating and shade?

Yes. Everyone attending will need to bring their own seating to sit on the parking lot. Hats or umbrellas for shade are recommended. Please do not bring shade tents. They may block other people’s view and set up/tear down time is limited.

What will the outdoor service include?

The outdoor service will follow our general liturgy but be limited to 1 hour. Lyrics for our songs will be sent by email over the weekend and be available on the church website and church app on Sunday morning. There will also be a limited number of printed lyrics sheets available at the outdoor service

Will there be communion?

Yes, we will have communion on select weeks. There will be individually packaged communion elements placed in a paper bag and set at your parking cone before the start of the service. Please include the number of people who will be taking communion on your registration.

Can we go inside the church building?

The inside of the church building is currently only accessible for emergency bathroom use only. Entrance to the building will be monitored to account for numbers of people inside and periodic cleaning of the restrooms. Please use face masks while using the restrooms.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

You do not need to wear a face mask outdoors. If you need to go inside the church building to use the restrooms, please wear a mask or face covering.

Where can my kids go if they are restless?

If your children are restless, please feel free to take them to the driveway or front lawn of the church. Children may not be left unattended. Please maintain proper social distancing with others who may be in those areas.

Will there be any kind of children’s ministry at the outdoor service?

No, there will not be any children’s ministry at the outdoor service. Our kids service video will be broadcast prior to the 10am livestream and available for viewing on mobile devices and posted online during the week. The kid’s worksheets will be available at the outdoor service and continue to be available online for printing.

Will there still be a livestream?

Yes! We will be live-streaming the 10:00am service only, in both English and Spanish.

Is translation available?

Yes! Our 12pm service will be translated in Spanish. You can view the livestream at www.covfel.org/envivo.

Culto virtual en vivo: ahora a las 12 PM al aire libre – conĂ©ctese para ver nuestro servicio al aire libre

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