How to Combat Allergies and Support Health All Year

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Used as a remedy for centuries, propolis is a bee product increasingly turning heads in the scientific community. Here’s what the research says about how propolis can potentially support health during the warm weather months, as well as year-round:

The Research

• An April 2021 case report published in Acta Medica Mediterranea about a patient at the Ahi Evran University Hospital, showed the potential of Anatolian propolis to be used as an adjuvant therapeutic agent in COVID-19 infections.

• Other research conducted in 2021 at Black Sea Technical University concluded that Anatolian propolis has the potential to prevent the entry of the virus causing COVID-19 into the host. Additionally, a 2020 review article published by Melbourne University scientists concluded that PAK1-blockers like propolis could serve as potential therapeutic agents against COVID-19.

• Authors of a Hodeidah University study suggest that propolis is an effective antimicrobial agent to support the treatment of throat infections caused by bacterial and candidal species in children.

Your Health

“As the seasons change, it’s common to suffer from cold, flu and allergies. The strength of your immune system determines how fast you can recover and kick symptoms like cough, sore throat, itchy throat, and runny nose to the curb,” says Dr. Aslı Samancı, a food scientist and the founder of BEE&YOU, who developed an award-winning extraction technology for propolis to cure her son’s autoimmune illness.

According to Samancı, here are a few ways to incorporate propolis into your wellness routine:

• Take it as an extract: For a natural immunity booster, try taking BEE&YOU Water Soluble Propolis 15% Extract. Its CAPE content, the main antioxidant that gives propolis its incredible benefits, is significantly higher than alternatives. With three times more antioxidant and antibacterial activity than the highest-grade Manuka honey, as well as antiviral properties, it’s a great way to support your immunity and fight against cold and flu. Usage is as easy as adding 20 drops per day to your favorite cold drink.

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• Soothe with sprays: Soothe and protect your throat with the antiviral and antibacterial activity of BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray. With its strong formula, it soothes sore throat, supports the treatment of respiratory infections and relieves allergy symptoms, while offering immunity support. Just spray twice directly into your throat a few times a day. In addition, BEE&YOU Nasal Spray helps to cleanse congested airways, relieve sinuses and alleviate allergy symptoms.

• Take a tablet: Add BEE&YOU Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis Tablets to your daily routine for a range of health benefits, such as supporting anti-aging and skin health, improving cognitive functions, and strengthening the immune system.

100% natural BEE&YOU superfoods are traditionally-sourced, organic and fair trade. To learn more, visit and receive a 25% discount using the code: SPRING25.

This allergy season and beyond, consider using propolis to naturally manage symptoms and to support your immune health and overall wellness.

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