As E.V.E. 3.3 Goes Live, Infinitely Virtual Affirms Support for AMD’s Secure Technology Platform

Cloud Hosting Pioneer’s Newest Suite of Enhancements Links Security with Industry’s Leading Hardware Offering

(PRUnderground) May 13th, 2021 – Underscoring the primacy of security for its small and midsize business customers and throughout its technology portfolio, cloud pioneer Infinitely Virtual today unveiled its latest round of infrastructure enhancements, all part of E.V.E. 3.3, the company’s proprietary Enterprise Virtualization Environment (

IV’s most ambitious upgrade to date, E.V.E. 3.3 is built in part around AMD Infinity Guard, a modern, multi-faceted approach to data center security.  When deployed, Infinity Guard enables users to transform the data center through a complement of AMD processor-embedded end-to-end security features designed to mitigate risk.

“We’ve long maintained that security is a process,” said Infinitely Virtual CEO Adam Stern.  “E.V.E. is a conceptual model that now ties security-as-a-process to the industry’s foremost hardware platform.  AMD’s Secure Encrypted Virtualization is a major differentiator, and it sets E.V.E. apart.  Because we’re such a security conscious company, our plan is to move our entire infrastructure to AMD technology by late next year.”  During Q3 of this year, Infinity Virtual’s data center will deploy Dell PowerEdge R6525 servers, built around the third generation of AMD’s EPYC™ processor.

AMD Infinity Guard delivers an industry-leading set of modern security features that help decrease potential attack surfaces as software is booted, executed, and processes critical data.  With its “ZEN” architecture, AMD processors are designed to be highly resistant to today’s sophisticated attacks, helping protect sensitive data, avoid downtime, and reduce resource drain.

Beyond Infinity Guard: Inside E.V.E. 3.3

  • Secure Encrypted Virtualization.  With Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), AMD EPYC processors help safeguard privacy and integrity by encrypting each virtual machine with one of up to 509 unique encryption keys known only to the processor. This capability protects data confidentiality even if a malicious virtual machine finds a way into the virtual machine’s memory, or a compromised hypervisor reaches into a guest virtual machine.
  • Secure Nested Paging.  Third-gen AMD EPYC processors feature Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP), the latest advancement in AMD SEV technologies.  SEV-SNP incorporates strong memory integrity protection capabilities that help prevent malicious hypervisor-based attacks, including data replay, memory re-mapping, and more, in order to create an isolated execution environment.
  • Modern Container Security.  AMD has extended VM security leadership from Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) to containers with the latest EPYC processors, teaming with IBM to enable superior container security.
  • Secure Memory Encryption.  Recognizing that security threats often come from inside an organization’s walls, Secure Memory Encryption (SME) helps protect against attacks on the integrity of main memory (e.g., cold-boot attacks) by encrypting the data.  High-performance encryption engines integrated into the memory channels help speed performance – all accomplished without modifications to application software.
  • AMD Shadow Stack.  With 3rd Gen AMD EPYC Processors, AMD Shadow Stack provides hardware-enforced stack protection capabilities to help guard against malware attacks. This security feature addresses threat vectors such as return-oriented programming attacks by keeping a record of return addresses and facilitating comparisons to ensure integrity is not compromised.  AMD Shadow Stack also enables Microsoft hardware enforced stack protection.
  • AMD Secure Boot.  AMD EPYC processors use an embedded AMD Security Processor as a root of trust.  With AMD Secure Boot, the secure processor validates that the BIOS booted without corruption.  In virtualized environments, it can also be used to cryptographically verify the software stack loaded on a cloud server.

E.V.E. was designed with several goals in mind:

  • 100 percent customer uptime
  • Near-physical server performance
  • Absolute data protection
  • Support for high value custom services
  • Industry cost leadership
  • Industry environmental leadership

E.V.E. consists of three major layers, each made up of four sub-layers.  Each layer and sub-layer represents a basic building block of the environment.  The major layers, from the bottom up, include the Physical Layer, the Network, Server and Storage Layer and the Virtualization Layer.

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Infinitely Virtual is a leading provider of high quality and affordable Cloud Server technology, capable of delivering services to any type of business, via terminal servers, SharePoint servers and SQL servers – all based on Cloud Servers. Ranked #28th on the Talkin’ Cloud 100 roster of premier hosting providers, Infinitely Virtual has earned the highest rating of ”Enterprise-Ready™” in Skyhigh Networks’ CloudTrust™ Program for four of its offerings — Cloud Server Hosting, InfiniteVault, InfiniteProtect and Virtual Terminal Server. The company recently took the #1 spot in HostReview’s Ranking of VPS hosting providers. Founder and CEO Adam Stern is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Infinitely Virtual was established as a subsidiary of Altay Corporation, and through this partnership, the company provides customers with expert 24×7 technical support. More information about Infinitely Virtual can be found at:, @iv_cloudhosting, or call 866-257-8455.

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