Response to County Commissioners’ Jan 8, 2021 Letter

Response to County Commissioners' Jan 8, 2021 Letter

To our Chester County Commissioners,

First of all, I truly want to thank you for all you do for our county. I know you must put in a tremendous amount of time to keep this county safe and vibrant. Thank you!

This letter is in response to your message on Friday, Jan 8, in the wake of the very sad events at our Capitol in Washington. I was grateful to see that you called this what it was, “the actions of extremists who remain in the minority.”

Your letter went on to ask several thought provoking questions, which I took very seriously. This led me to many more questions, which I pose to you today…

When did it become ok to take away our religious freedom? The two weeks that went into several months! And now the expenses of rubber gloves, sanitation, signs and whatever is needed to remind us to wear our masks and social distance and with 50% or less of our congregation allowed at any given time?

When did we become a country that needed to dehumanize our citizens and mandate them to wear face coverings, against our rights, for an idea that has not proven to decrease the spread of this illness. I’ve been out in the public and everyone is wearing a mask and yet we are told the numbers have risen.

What happened to our rights to work and provide for our families? Why could big businesses stay open and small business, especially restaurants have to be closed? How much money did they spend on plexiglass and paper menus and rearranging their seating to accommodate the changing rules, only to be shut down?

What has happened to our children’s rights to an education? We have wasted more than a year of our children’s learning. Is that ok?

And when did our country become so barbarian that it was ok to drop off our sick, scared loved ones at the door of the hospital and not be able to be with them to hold their hands and comfort them; or to visit them in the hospital; or to visit our lonely elderly in nursing homes?

Or how about not being able to comfort those who have lost a loved one to death? How do virtual funerals really work?

And now I’m hearing that I will be mandated to get a vaccine! What happened to my right to not have chemicals injected into my body that I didn’t feel comfortable with? Especially a vaccine that has only taken months to create. We have no idea what this will do to our bodies in the future.

Your letter went on to say how a democracy is supposed to work. The dictionary’s definition is, “government by the people”. When was the last time that happened? We have gone through, and are still going through 11 months of our rights being ripped away from us. When will that end? Why was it that our ancestors came to this country in the first place and built the foundations of the greatest country on Earth, based on our “God given rights”?

I have many, many more questions-ones that I would love to discuss over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. How will that work with six feet between us and each wearing a mask?

I really do believe in your letter’s ideals, and I pray that we can get back to that world, but when people’s rights and liberties-those things that our founding fathers fought so hard to establish, are disregarded and trampled on, I am so afraid that we may have a long rough road ahead of us. I hope we are not too late!

I am a concerned citizen just wanting my voice to be heard. Please listen.

Beth Trubachik
Coatesville, PA

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  1. I agree! This whole pandemic has been the opportunity they needed to break down the main principles this country was built on. They’ve attacked capitalism, education and religion and our individual rights by mandating masks. The same masks which have even been admitted to not work but we should wear in order to show we care. Kinda like wearing a symbol to show your allegiance. Sound familiar? People have grown so complacent in their rights that they are willingly giving them up. Guess it’ll take a civil war to make people realize how great this country really was before we let liberals and socialists take over.

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