West Chester Borough Council Should Reject Emergency Order Extension

Libertarian Party of Chester County
Op-Ed by the Libertarian Party of Chester County

The recent Declaration of Emergency by the mayor of West Chester has been a topic of concern throughout the community. We expect local leaders to provide information and advice about possible problems such as the reported spike in Covid infections among college adults.

Our recent editorial blog questioned why the mayor did not approach West Chester University to address the problem. Instead, a declaration was announced that restricted both the right to assemble and personal property rights. This was a misguided and heavy-handed attempt to address a problem that required no government action.

Some in the borough welcomed the actions of the mayor out of fear and a desire to control their neighbors. Others in the community bravely pointed out the illegality and inappropriateness of this declaration. It was especially distressing to see the local Council refuse to do their duty and stand up for the rights of their citizens (with one notable council exception).

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The Libertarian Party of Chester County supports the efforts of those in the community who are circulating petitions to end this immoral and illegal declaration. We urge the Council to reject any extension of this declaration.

Politicians of small towns sometimes move up to larger positions in the county or state. When these politicians believe that they have the power to ignore the rights of the voters and work to circumvent laws to do so, it is a concern to us all.

We hope that this unfortunate situation can be corrected by leadership that stands by the rights of the individual, and we appreciate the efforts of borough citizens who are working to make this happen.

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