Anita Edgarian Announces Write-In Candidacy for West Chester School Board

Anita EdgarianAnita Edgarian (Submitted Image)
Op-Ed y Anita Edgarian, Candidate for West Chester School Board

Reflecting on Labor Day, I believe that it is important to recognize the responsibility that each of us has to serve our community and contribute in positive ways. Therefore, I have chosen today to officially announce my candidacy to run for School Board Director in Region 3 as a write-in candidate.

On July 26, 2021, I attended the monthly West Chester Area School District meeting to express my concerns about the division in our community based on the debate surrounding CRT (Critical Race Theory). I was not for or against CRT, rather I was vocal about the fact that the district was pitting parents against one another and not being transparent about what was happening. When I pointed out the truth of the situation, it clearly was not a part of the predetermined “nice meeting” that the board had in mind. Mr. McCune’s attack against me was not for controlling the two-minute time limit, rather it was to control the content of my speech.

Our constitutional rights do not end when the board members’ feelings get hurt.

Mr. McCune ripping the microphone away while he had already called on the police officers to remove me is a symptom of deeper issues regarding the board. Since then, it has become clear that the dynamic of this board is based on complicity and blind obedience despite their political affiliation. This is a dynamic that our school district cannot afford. The direction and future of 12,000 students and almost 1,800 staff members should not be determined by the board’s complicity and silence.

No form of bullying and/or harassment should exist in our board room and certainly not in our schools. It is our duty as voters to set an example to our children, parents, teachers, and staff that standing up for their rights comes with no retaliation. I am taking on this challenge knowing that this “campaign is already a winner” for bringing so many of you to be more involved and engaged in our school system.

My pledge to the voters in Region 3 is that I will always listen respectfully to your concerns and suggestions. I will provide a voice for those who are afraid or uncomfortable to take a stand. I, Anita Edgarian, vow to protect our students and put an end to these disdainful board meetings.

Let’s make the West Chester Area School District a better place for all students and families and give taxpayers something to be proud of. Together, let’s make our good school district Better!

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