A History Lesson on Republican and Democratic Economies

A History Lesson on Republican and Democratic Economies

In 1989 Republican George H. W. Bush won the presidency, inheriting a robust economy. Because of his actions, by 1990 we entered a recession that threw over a million people out of work. In 1992 Democrat Bill Clinton was elected and ushered in eight years of unprecedented economic growth.

In 2000 Republican George W. Bush won the White House and began reversing a number of Clinton’s accomplishments, hurting the poor and middle class and benefitting the rich. This led to economic collapse and the worst recession in 80 years. Such a horrendous economic crash had not been seen since the Great Depression in 1929.

In 2008, amidst the chaos of this recession, Democrat Barack Obama won the presidency and began painstakingly rebuilding the economy from the ashes. He was opposed at every turn by Republican lawmakers who withheld funds to aid the economic recovery and blocked every effort to build the economy, hoping to unseat President Obama.

Despite their obstruction, President Obama built a strong economy that benefitted every level of society.

In 2016 Republican Donald Trump took the presidency, inheriting eight straight years of economic growth. He immediately set to reversing virtually every policy enacted by Barack Obama.

He filled cabinet positions with crooked lobbyists, appointing felons and foreign agents to his staff, appointing his unqualified children to government positions and nominating incompetent ideologues as judges.

He gutted the Centers for Disease Control and disbanded the pandemic response team leaving the nation vulnerable. He unilaterally broke international treaties, abandoned our allies, and cozied up to murderous dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un.

While Trump played record amounts of golf and he and his children used their positions to enrich themselves, the COVID-19 pandemic erupted.

This pandemic, which has been largely contained my most other nations, lead to the deaths over 200,000 US citizens, so far, and triggered the worst recession in a century with tens of millions thrown out of work. Trump’s advice to the nation was that we “just need to live with it.”

This is where we stand today. It is painfully obvious to all that the party of Trump is a disaster for this nation and for the world. Neither the pandemic nor the recession will be brought under control as long as this corrupt, uncaring and incompetent president. If we and the nation are to survive, the Republicans must be shown to the door. Vote Democrat, our future depends on it.

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  1. …it is always in our best interest to support government that works for the “good of the whole” rather than “special interests”. Thank you for pointing this out to all of us…

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