West Chester Police Lieutenant to Receive Back Pay After Being Fired

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WEST CHESTER, PA — West Chester Police Lieutenant Chris Daly is set to receive almost nine months of back pay after he was fired for not adhering to the borough’s COVID vaccine mandate, reports Bill Rettew of the Daily Local News.

Borough Manager Sean Metrick reportedly stated that Borough Council will vote on a settlement agreement at the September council meeting that will award Daly his back pay and no loss of rank. Andrew McFarlane, union president of the West Chester Police Association, also stated Monday that Daly followed all the rules except for one and is happy with the outcome.

Police Lt. Joseph Daly was welcomed back to work with 45 officers on Monday morning, after an appeal and settlement were reached with the Borough. Lt. Daly had not complied with a Borough policy and appealed to the Civil Service Commission, according to West Chester Borough statements.

Through the process, the Borough and Lieutenant were able to settle and he returned back to work. On Monday, West Goshen Police escorted Daly with lights flashing, from his home in West Goshen Township.

Police Chief Jim Morehead welcomed Daly back enthusiastically, and is quoted as saying “I am nothing short of excited to have Lt. Daly back where he should be.”

Morehead went on to say that “The department leans heavily on his knowledge and leadership.” All in all, it seems like everyone is happy to have Daly back – especially Lt. Daly himself.

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