Wind, Rain, Snow? Chester County’s Weather Forecast

Chester County Weather
  • A high pressure system is passing through Chester County, bringing a mixture of rain and snow Monday evening.
  • Tuesday is expected to be wild with snow, rain, and partly sunny skies, with winds up to 45mph.
  • Wednesday will be mostly sunny and warmer at 46°F with blustery winds continuing Thursday and Friday.
  • The weekend may bring a storm, with mostly cloudy skies Saturday night and a 30% chance of rain.
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CHESTER COUNTY, PA – Chester County is feeling the pressure today as a high-pressure system passes through. The clouds are increasing as temperatures hover around 46 throughout the day, with southeasterly winds blowing up to 10 mph. There is a chance of rain before 11 pm and then snow likely following that. It’s expected to be cloudy, with a low near 35 by nightfall and breezy southeast winds continuing to blow. The chance for precipitation is at 70%, yet thankfully there won’t be any significant accumulation of snow.

Rain and Snow Forecasted – Prepare Now!

Get ready to bundle up – a coastal storm is set to make its way across the area this week! It’s likely that we’ll experience at least some rain on Monday with temperatures staying in the high 40s. The evening of Monday carries a higher chance of precipitation with snow potentially making an appearance after 3 am in the morning. Wind speeds are expected to increase with gusts going up to 25mph, so it’s important to watch out for any hazardous driving conditions too. Despite this weather system bringing a variety of weather along with it, there isn’t expected to be much accumulation!

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Tuesday is looking like a wild day with a chance of snow, rain, and partly sunny skies. Temperatures will stay relatively mild at 39°F and the winds will be frequent and strong from the northwest at 25mph with gusts up to 45mph, bringing a 40% chance of precipitation with less than half an inch of snow accumulation possible. Tuesday night is expected to be mostly cloudy with temperatures around 30°F, turning into another breezy Wednesday but this time mostly sunny and even warmer around 46°F. Wednesday night is forecasted to be mostly clear but blustery at 29°F.

Partly Sunny Skies and Mostly Perfect Weather

Thursday and Friday will likely feel differently here in the area, as high pressure moves in giving rise to mostly sunny skies for Thursday and partly cloudy skies for Friday. Despite the bright sunny days, however, temperatures on both days may not appear drastically different as Thursday’s high will only reach 53°F and Friday’s high is projected to reach 63. The nighttime lows are also fairly similar with Thursday at 37°F and Friday a degree or two higher. Regardless of the similarities in temperature during the day, it is likely that you’ll still be able to feel a difference in the weather so enjoy this upcoming stretch of decent weather while it lasts!

Possible Rain & Storms This Weekend

Chester County residents should prepare for a possible storm over the weekend. Friday night will be mostly cloudy, with a slight chance of rain and temperatures around 44°F. Saturday will also feature mostly cloudy skies and there is a 30% chance of rain, with temperatures near 55°F. Residents should make sure to check on the forecast often for any changes in the upcoming days, as this storm’s path could be unpredictable.

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