Unpredictable Weather? What Chester Countians Need to Know About This Week’s Forecast

Chester County Weather
  • Chester County is looking at a dry and cooler air mass today, as well as high pressure settling in for Monday and Tuesday.
  • Today’s weather will be mild with increasing clouds and temperatures near 40°F; overnight skies should be mostly clear with a low of 23°F.
  • Monday will start off cold but Tuesday will see a warming trend with temperatures around 59°F.
  • Wednesday to Saturday will be relatively warm and partly cloudy, with a chance of rain Thursday night into Friday night.
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CHESTER COUNTY, PA – Chester County is looking at a cooler and much drier air mass today and tonight, with high pressure settling in for Monday and Tuesday before shifting away from the area on Wednesday. Later in the week, Chester County will see a cold front arrive coming on Thursday and Friday. Low pressure is likely to make its way near the eastern Great Lakes late in the week, bringing with it its accompanying cold front which should arrive on Saturday. These conditions are all part of this latest Chester County forecast, which can change so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any new developments in the weather.

Get Ready for a Mild Day Today

As the cold front sweeping through shortly after sunset yesterday passes, all signs indicate a particularly mild day, with increasing clouds and temperatures near 40°F. Even amidst the largely clear skies of overnight, a few flurries were experienced in the Poconos. With cool winds brushing up against us from the west, feeling more like 15 to 20 mph with gusts reaching as high as 30 mph swirling around, our weather today is expected to live up to its forecast. As night approaches and it becomes time for bed, we can be comforted by the mostly clear sky that awaits us tonight and the West wind settling down to around 5 to 10 mph as we tuck ourselves into slumber with an expected low of 23°F.

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Mild Monday, Warming Through Tuesday

Monday will start off cold, but by Tuesday we can expect a definite warming trend to take effect. After a sunny day with temperatures hovering around 51°F and a northwest wind blowing at 5-10 mph, it’ll turn even colder overnight as the temperature drops to 31°F and the wind shifts slightly to the southwest. But when Tuesday arrives the warm weather starts to take center stage again with strong western winds ushering in a sunny day with temperatures around 59 °F. Even into the night, we can expect relatively mild weather as it turns partly cloudy with lows just below 40°F.

Warm Days Ahead for Wednesday to Saturday

It may be the middle of March, but you’d never know it with Wednesday’s near 60-degree temperatures. Thursday and Friday will likely hold more of the same, with mostly cloudy skies and highs in the mid to upper sixties. The night brings a chance of showers after 2 am on Thursday and a higher possibility of rain moving towards Friday night. The weekend looks to be a bit cooler at around 60°F, but counters with a chance of showers too. With all these varying weather elements, it’s best to keep an umbrella handy!

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