Downingtown Police Chief Statement on George Floyd Demonstrations

Downingtown Police

DOWNINGTOWN, PA — Downingtown Police Chief Howard Holland released the following statement about the death of George Floyd and upcoming planned demonstrations in Downingtown Borough:

“As many of you are aware there have been demonstrations across the nation from the death of George Floyd while in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

“The Downingtown Police Department has been monitoring these demonstrations. Some of the organizers have been communicating with the police department.

“To date, the Downingtown Police Department is aware of 3 planned demonstrations in Downingtown Borough on Friday, June 5th, Saturday, June 6th, and Saturday, June 12th.

“These demonstrations have been centralized to the area of Kerr Park and Johnsontown Park. To the best of our knowledge, these demonstrations are planned peaceful events with social distancing, masks and PA systems.

“In speaking with 2 of 3 organizers, they are hopeful no destructive groups or outside agitators will arrive with their own agenda which would be outside of peaceful intent.

“The Downingtown Police Department is suggesting that businesses may wish to remove objects outside their stores that could be used for destructive purposes. In addition, unattended vehicles may be targeted.

“However, organizers are not required to notify the police in advance of such demonstrations. If you hear or have concerns or information about these events please feel free to reach out to us at the county dispatch.

“For non-emergencies call 610-383-7000 or for emergencies call 9-1-1. These are fluid situations and the Downingtown Police Department is closely monitoring these events and social media activity.”

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2 Comments on “Downingtown Police Chief Statement on George Floyd Demonstrations”

  1. I am so discussed with the president of borough council president mr.gazero from the day governor wolf implemented the stay at hone order gazero has been thumbing his nose at the order by visiting my neighbor two to three times a week, NO MASK, and just walks right into there house.he and his wife (who works in our school system) should be ashamed of them selves. I’m pvoiced my concerns to borough council at last months video meeting. He lied to council as well as lied to me. Said he would bring my concerns up to chester county commission, when I emailed Burroughs manager to follow up. I received a letter from the Burroughs attorneys. He’s has visited a home where there is a 75 year old man with a heart condition and there daughter is pregnant, how is this looking out for the residents of Downingtown?

  2. Okay chief. Putting it mildly, it seems that you were looking for something negative to happen. It’s a complete disgrace to assume that there would possibly be negative results when pertaining to Blacks organizing events. So chief answer this for me. How many black, brown or other are presently on your force? How many are on the streets department or the water authority. Don’t assume anything unless you know. One other thing, in this world of change, how about changing your Lily white police department and hire minorities.

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