Westtown-East Goshen Police Issuing Alert for Thefts from Cars

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WEST CHESTER, PA — The Westtown East Goshen Police Department issued an alert for thefts from cars. The thefts occurred yesterday morning and the area which was specifically targeted was along N. Chester Rd. (PA 352) between Paoli Pk. and Strasburg Rd.

Police warn that most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity, perpetrated by people who are simply looking for an easy target. They will walk up driveways and check to see if car doors are unlocked. If they find an unlocked door, they will help themselves to whatever valuables they can find. If the door is locked, they will usually move on to another vehicle.

To prevent your car from becoming a target, make it a point to remove all valuables from your vehicle at the end of every day. Additionally, always make sure that your doors and windows are locked before you leave your car unattended. By taking a few simple precautions, you can protect your property and have peace of mind.

If you feel your car may have been entered, call 911 so that the occurrence can be documented. Additionally, police are asking if you live in this area and have a camera system that may have captured the actors, also call 911.

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