Spahr Calls for Craig Williams to Release Plan to Fight Climate Change

climate changeImage by Pete Linforth

CHESTER COUNTY, PA — Cathy Spahr, the Democratic candidate for HD-160, called on her opponent, Representative Craig Williams (R-160), to release his plan to fight climate change. This comes after a report came out that showed Chester County will be one of two counties in Pennsylvania to see a heat index as high as 125 degrees in 30 years due to climate change. According to the report, neighboring Delaware County is similarly at risk for extreme heat, and is expected to see the second-highest number of consecutive days over 90 degrees across the state in 2053.

“The climate crisis is here. Now more than ever our community needs a representative who is prepared to meet the moment with bold ideas – from holding corporate polluters accountable, to eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, and advocating for an equitable carbon tax. Throughout his time in office Representative Williams has advanced no plan to protect the people of our community, voting in favor of big oil and special interests. My campaign’s message to Rep Williams is simple: release your climate plan to show Pennsylvanians that you work for them, not large corporations. We can’t afford to wait any longer.”

Cathy Spahr has the support of the Conservation Voters of PA and the Sierra Club due to her background in environmental consulting and efforts to preserve and protect the environment. She states that she plans to use her professional skills as a planner to work with the Department of Environmental Protection to create a plan that expands renewable and green energy, with clear steps for implementation. Additionally, she says that she will pursue legislation that makes fracking entities pay their “fair share” to fund this process. Her opponent, Rep Williams, has voted with his Republican majority to roll back the regulatory authority of the Department of Environmental Protection and allow drilling on public lands such as forests and parks.

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